$2 Million Settlement in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

A California landlord agreed to pay $2 million to settle a lawsuit that alleged he sexually harassed his female tenants, tried to trade housing for sex, and retaliated against some of the women who refused his advances by evicting them.

The Associated Press (AP) reports that the lawsuit was brought by the federal government under the Fair Housing Act. The suit alleged that the landlord sexually harassed tenants and potential renters for more than a decade by making sexual comments and advances, entering rented premises without permission, and exposing himself. He also allegedly granted or promised housing benefits such as lower rent in return for sexual favors and evicted those who spurned him.

The defendant denies all the allegations stating that he settled the suit to prevent the risk of losing in court. He insists that he evicted the tenants for failure to pay rent and not because they repelled his advances, reports AP.

The landlord will also pay $55,000 as a civil penalty and will hire an independent manager to manage his rental properties as part of the settlement.

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