Asbestos Abatement Charges Levied Against Massachusetts Men

A property owner and the heating contractor he hired to work on a rental property allegedly removed dangerous asbestos products illegally, violating the Massachusetts Clean Air Act in the process, according to state Attorney General Martha Coakley.

According to a press release from Coakley’s office, 58-year-old David Einis hired 41-year-old Nicholas Pasquantonio - who was not a licensed asbestos contractor - to replace the boiler in a Medway, MA property he owned. While working at the property, Pasquantonio allegedly did not seal off the basement while he worked to replace the boiler, which disturbed some asbestos products in the process. Neither Einis nor Pasquantonio ever notified the state that asbestos products had been disturbed during the renovation, which is illegal.

The Medway Board of Health eventually caught on to the illegal asbestos work taking place on the property and notified the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP), which sent officials to inspect the site and allegedly found that improper removal and release of asbestos had taken place.

Furthermore, when Pasquantonio learned that he may be charged with crimes regarding the construction, he allegedly threatened one of the tenants on the property not to testify against him at trial.

Einis and Pasquantonio were each indicted on two counts of failing to file a notice of asbestos removal with MassDEP and failure to prevent asbestos emissions. Pasquantonio was also indicted on charges of witness intimidation for threatening the tenant.

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