Asbestos Removal Delayed on 1920s California Home

Without proper maintenance, things tend to fall apart, erode, disintegrate and decay over time. This is true of paper, cars and even our homes and public buildings. Because many structures were built with asbestos materials, their decay could represent a real danger to those who live or work in and around them.

In California, a state that saw boom in construction projects at the same time asbestos use was at its highest, the inevitable erosion of many of these structures is a growing problem. The costs associated with asbestos removal very, high. For that reason, many construction projects go unfinished and asbestos-related risks remain.

Asbestos materials that may be increasing your risk of developing an illness such as mesothelioma  can also be found all over your house. Popular asbestos building materials include shingles, pipes, siding, some light fixtures, furnaces and kitchen appliances. If there was any chance that a fire could be started from or spread through a particular home building material, the odds are that at some point asbestos fibers were used to try to make the product fire resistant.

In the city of Banning, located between Los Angeles and Palm Springs, a burned home sits on the side of West Ramsey Street unable to be restored or demolished because of the asbestos that was used in its construction. The home, built in the historically significant American Craftsman architectural style in the 1920s, was gutted by a fire in October of 2011, the LomaLinda Patch reported.

Without time, money and energy invested into these structures, they will continue to decay. As this gradual disintegration happens, the risk posed by the asbestos materials contained within them will continue to increase.

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