Baylor U Game Room Closed Due to Mesothelioma Risk

Asbestos products found beneath a bowling alley in the Bill Daniel Student Center at Baylor University have led to the indefinite closing of part of the building amid mesothelioma concerns.

Heavy rains that hit the university last month caused nearly two inches of standing water to find its way into the student center's basement. While the level was originally supposed to only be closed for one day as the water was pumped out, plans changed when asbestos insulation found under the bowling alley on the floor was found to have been disturbed by the rain.

As a result, the bowling alley has been closed off for an indeterminable amount of time as asbestos abatement procedures take place. Media Relations Director Lori Fogleman told the school newspaper that because the asbestos was likely disturbed during the rain - when no one was using the bowling alley - and no students or faculty likely inhaled any loose fibers.

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