Carnival Triumph Lawsuit Filed, Others Expected

One of the irate passengers trapped aboard the crippled Carnival Triumph for four days following an engine fire filed the first lawsuit against the cruise company and is seeking unspecified damages.

Reuters reports that the Texas woman filed the suit against Carnival Corp. in federal court in Miami less than 24 hours after the boat docked. The suit accuses the company of breach of maritime contract for failing to provide the plaintiff with safe passage on a seaworthy vessel, adequate food and safe living conditions, and also alleges the company committed fraud and made negligent misrepresentations about a luxurious, stress-free vacation.

According to Reuters, the plaintiff described the ship as “a floating toilet, a floating Petri dish, a floating hell” and has alleged that she was in constant fear of contracting serious illness from the overflowing toilets.

The suit is the first in a wave of litigation expected over the Carnival Triumph fiasco. At least one other personal injury lawsuit and a class action were filed this week.

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