Cerebral Palsy Patient Can Live Normal Life

Adam Horney may have been born with cerebral palsy, but thanks to a special program that allows him to live on his own he has been able to live out his dream of working at a police station.

Adam, who is 31-years-old, was born with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. While he was one of three triplets, only he and his brother Jared survived the birth. Between his birth injuries and a bout with testicular cancer he recently overcame, Adam has had to spend a lot of time in hospital bets, something he has never enjoyed.

“When I’m in the hospital, I do get depressed and I will cry. Especially when I’m by myself in a hospital room. That’s not the most comfortable environment,” he said, according to FOX’s Denver affiliate KDRV-TV.

Luckily, Adam is not always confined to life in a hospital. Through a program that assists individuals with disabilities called Developmental Pathways, Adam not only can live in his own apartment, but can also help out at the Denver Police Station.

Programs like this are undoubtedly important for people like Adam who were born with cerebral palsy and do not want the condition to prevent them from living a normal life. However, insurance companies may not always provide coverage and help pay for such care, meaning that a family may have to fund it by itself.

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Cerebral Palsy Patient Can Live Normal Life
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