Chemical Exposure Lawsuit Filed Against Oil Companies

St. Louis residents sued oil companies claiming they released millions of pounds of cancer-causing pollutants and failed to repair broken pipelines.

According to the Telegraph Herald, the town of Roxana, St. Louis filed their chemical exposure lawsuit alleging that 18 incidents occurred over several years during which pollutants, such as benzene, were spilled into the air, water, and soil.

Reports show that refineries in the area, including Shell, released more than 13.3 million pounds of volatile organic compounds into the village’s air since 1988. The plaintiffs claim that Roxana’s groundwater, air and land are contaminated as a result.

The defendants named in the lawsuit include ConocoPhillips, Shell and a local refinery.

Shell also faces chemical exposure lawsuits from several people claiming the pollution caused them to develop blood cancers.

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