Class Action Dangerous Drug Lawsuits Filed Over DMAA

Seven drug companies have been hit with class action lawsuits over their advertising of possibly dangerous exercise supplements that contain dimethylamylamine (DMAA).

The dangerous drug lawsuits claim that the companies promoted their products as legal, effective and safe, when this was not the case, referring to warning letters from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The warning letters said that the agency received 42 reports of adverse side effects related to the supplements containing the substance and that the companies did not submit notice to the agency about their use of DMAA, according to Law360 (subscription required).

The companies involved in the litigation include Nutrex Research Inc., MuscleMeds Performance Technologies Inc., Pharmaceuticals Inc., Gaspari Nutrition Inc., SNI LLC., SEI Pharmaceuticals Inc., and iSatori Global Technologies.

"The form of DMAA defendant uses in the product is a synthetic form that is both illegal and dangerous," said the complaints. "Defendant's advertising statements, which fail to mention the risks associated with this ingredient, are both false and misleading to consumers."

The class actions bring claims for violation of Unfair Competition Law, California’s False Advertising Act, and Consumer Legal Remedies Act.

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Class Action Dangerous Drug Lawsuits Filed Over DMAA
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