Defective Toilet and Cabinet Locks Recalled

Dorel Juvenile Group (DJG) has issued a recall for 183,000 Toilet Locks and 685,000 Cabinet Locks because they may pose a risk to children.

The recall has been issued for the two products because young children may unexpectedly unfasten the toilet locks and gain access to water in the toilet, posing a risk of drowning, according to a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission press release.

There have been reports of 110 toilet locks that did not properly secure the lid, including eight reports of children, under the age of two, who were able to disengage or break the lock. DJG also received reports of 278 incidents where the cabinet locks did not adequately secure the cabinet, including 71 reports of children between the ages of eight months and five years old who were able to disengage the cabinet locks. One of the incidents involved a one year old boy who swallowed small, toxic beads from a craft kit and had to be admitted into the hospital for one night.

The products were sold at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Burlington Coat Factory, Great Beginnings, Home Depot, Target and Wal-Mart from January 2005 through April 2010.

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Defective Toilet and Cabinet Locks Recalled
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