Energy Drinks May Increase Blood Pressure and Rot Teeth

Guzzling energy drinks may be giving you more than just an energy boost: two new studies suggest that these popular drinks may cause irregular heartbeats, increase blood pressure, and even lead to tooth decay.

In the first study, researchers had 18 healthy people between the ages of 20 and 35 years old and drink one of two strengths of the drinks - one containing 120 mg of caffeine and one with 360 mg - or a placebo. Their blood pressure and pulse rate were measured before and after they ingested the drinks.

The participants who drank the less caffeinated beverage did not significantly increase blood pressure or pulse rate when measured against the placebo. The more caffeinated drink caused a considerable increase in the average heart rate compared to the placebo. The stronger drink was also tied to anxiety, insomnia, and cardiac arrhythmias with tachycardia.

Lead researcher Dr. Magdalena Szotowska believes it is the combination of substances found in energy drinks (such as sucrose, taurine, and inositol) that produce the side effects, instead of caffeine, according to heartwire. Furthermore, Szotowska says that few people realize that overconsumption is dangerous. She says it is time to raise consciousness of this problem.

In a separate study published in General Dentistry, researchers examined the acid levels in nine energy drinks and 13 sports drinks. They immersed human tooth enamel samples in each beverage for 15 minutes followed by artificial saliva for two hours. This sequence was repeated four times a day for five days, according to Medical News Today.

The researchers found that the acidity levels in the drinks irreversibly eroded tooth enamel, the glossy outer layer that protects against decay.

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Energy Drinks May Increase Blood Pressure and Rot Teeth
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