Errors Plague Thousands of Americans’ Credit Reports

Switched numbers and misspelled names are just a few types of mistakes on credit reports that may seem minor, but have the ability to do an enormous amount of damage.

Due to a lack of rules on how credit-reporting agencies must fix mistakes, the public is left by the wayside when it comes to amending the errors, according to The Columbus Dispatch. These errors have robbed thousands of people from the chance of buying a car or home, renting an apartment, taking out a loan for college, or even getting a job.

The federal law that governs credit reporting is laden with gaps and obstacles that make it almost impossible to correct mistakes, according to the Dispatch.

Some critics say many consumers have no other option but to pursue litigation. Lawmakers believe that the problem affects millions of people in the U.S.

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Errors Plague Thousands of Americans’ Credit Reports
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