Formaldehyde May Affect Men’s Fertility

A new study suggests that occupational exposure to formaldehyde in men may be associated with reduced fertility.

Researchers at the Xi’an Jiaotong University in Xi’an, China, looked for fertility issues among nearly 300 married Chinese men who were exposed to formaldehyde at a wood processing facility, according to Science Daily. They found that the mens' wives had longer times to pregnancy (TTP) compared to men not exposed to formaldehyde. The rate of prolonged TTP was almost three times higher for these women than those whose husbands were not exposed to the dangerous chemical.

The authors of the study also found a link between formaldehyde exposure and a higher rate of miscarriage. The rate was twice as high in women whose spouses experienced occupational exposure of the chemical.

Formaldehyde is widely used in various industries and China is the world’s largest consumer and producer of the chemical.

This new study, in combination with recent studies done on animals, suggests that formaldehyde may have contributed to sperm-quality reductions throughout the world, according to Science Daily. Researchers note that further studies are needed to investigate this correlation.

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Formaldehyde May Affect Men’s Fertility
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