Interns File Unpaid Wages Lawsuits

Many college students accept unpaid internships under the assumption that it is an industry standard, but three former interns of medical companies are attempting to change this standard by filing an unpaid wages lawsuit against the companies.

The students filed three separate complaints that all allege the medical offices they interned for did not pay them for the work they did, which included answering phones, stuffing envelopes, and making collection calls, according to Sun Sentinel. They also claim that none of these tasks taught them any valuable skills.

The unpaid wages lawsuits claim the medical companies - Code Blue Billing & Consulting, Magnetic Medical Management of Wellington, and East Florida Eye Institute - violated the Fair Labor Standards Act, which requires that workers be paid at least minimum wage, according to the Sun Sentinel.

Although the Labor Department says that few complaints have been reported about unpaid internships, experts say that most interns are scared to step forward because they are new to working.

In the case of the three interns of the medical companies, a district court judge dismissed their lawsuits, saying that they did not prove they were doing work that helped the company and not them. They have appealed the ruling and oral arguments will begin by the beginning of next year, according to their lawyer.

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Interns File Unpaid Wages Lawsuits
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