Legal Wrangle in Wisconsin Abuse Case Continues

A legal battle is ongoing for a Wisconsin woman charged with nursing home abuse. The accused is certified nursing assistant Ginger Newlun. Authorities allege she abused an 86-year-old patient under her care at the Crest View Nursing Home in New Lisbon.

According to the local newspaper, the Juneau County Star Times, Newlun faces felony counts for abuse of a patient and aggravated battery. Two certified nursing assistants claimed they saw Newlun verbally and physically abusing the elderly woman over a six-month period. The victim also told a Crest View employee that Newlun was the “mean one who pulls my hair.”

One nursing assistant told police she saw Newlun verbally abuse the victim, spit in her face, and squeeze her fingers “really hard.” However, the assistant did not report the abuse earlier, as Newlun is “very intimidating.” Another nursing assistant told police that she had seen Newlun abuse the victim at “least once a week” since fall 2011. She’d also overheard Newlun threatening to break the victim’s fingers.

Newlun was charged with the nursing home abuse last June. Free on a $25,000 signature bond, on Jan.22, she waived her right to a preliminary hearing, noted a recent article in the Star Times.

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