Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Ends in $17.9 Million Settlement

A New York City woman will receive a $17.9 million settlement following a medical malpractice lawsuit that claimed city paramedics and a hospital’s medical negligence led to the amputation of her feet and hands.

According to the New York Daily News, Tabitha Mullings was admitted to the Brooklyn Hospital Center emergency room and eventually sent home with a diagnosis of a kidney stone and some pain medication in September 2008. The next day she began experiencing agonizing pain and numbness and called 911 twice, but was denied transportation to the emergency room. She was rushed to the Fort Greene Hospital by her fiancé the following day, but had developed a sepsis infection that spread throughout her body.

Mullings went into a coma and developed gangrene in her extremities. When she awakened, her hands and feet had been amputated and she was legally blind in one eye.

Two doctors at the hospital will pay her $9.4 million and the city will pay $8.5 million.

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