Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit Leads to $3.2M Award

A Colorado jury awarded $3.2 million to the family of an elderly man after a nursing home was found liable for the man’s infected bed sore that led to his death.

The nursing home abuse lawsuit was filed by Henry Frazier’s family and claims that the Rocky Ford nursing home hid the seriousness of the man’s bedsores from them. Frazier was placed in the nursing home in May 2009 and the bed sore developed in September 2010. Soon after, he stopped drinking, eating, walking, and became bed-ridden and unresponsive, according to the Denver Post.

Frazier’s son says he was told about his father’s severe bedsores in October 2010. The employee was allegedly fearful he would lose his job, but informed him because he was fearful that Fraizer would die.

The family claims that they asked for Fraizer to be transferred to a hospital, but the nursing home insisted that he stay and be cared for at the facility. When he was eventually taken to the hospital, doctors found that he was also malnourished and dehydrated. The doctors linked Frazier’s death to his infected bed sores.

After the incident, the Colorado Health Department evaluated the nursing home and cited it for 27 deficiencies after finding numerous issues such as a many patients experiencing infections, according to the Denver Post.

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Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit Leads to $3.2M Award
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