Nutrex Research Sued Over DMAA in Diet Pills

A California man has filed a dangerous drug lawsuit against Nutrex Research claiming the dietary supplement maker made false claims about the effectiveness of a dangerous stimulant contained in some of its supplements.

According to Courthouse News, Stephen Rush filed his class action lawsuit in California federal court alleging the Nutrex’s leading products – which include Hemo Black Rage, Hemo Black Rage Ultra Concentrate, Lipo Black 6 Ultra Concentrate, Lipo Black 6 Hers and Lipo Black 6 Hers Ultra-Concentrate - contain dangerous amounts of the stimulant DMAA.

“Nutrex sells the products through a deceptive marketing campaign claiming that they are safe, all natural dietary supplements which can be used as a pre-workout 'detonator' or as weight loss 'fat destroyer' products,” his lawsuit states.

Rush further alleges that the company failed “to inform consumers that the products do not meet the definition of a 'dietary supplement,' and that DMAA does not meet the FDA's definition of a 'dietary ingredient,' as those terms are defined and adopted by California's Sherman Law."

The dangerous drug lawsuit also says that Nutrex failed to warn customers about the potentially serious adverse side effects that DMAA could cause and that it is banned by the United States Anti-Doping Agency as well as other agencies.

Rush alleges that he and his girlfriend took the supplements and suffered adverse side effects such as "feeling jittery and anxious when using the products, having a racing pulse rate and fast heartbeat, and feeling exhausted when not using the products." He seeks damages for violations of California’s Unfair Competition Act, Consumer Legal Remedies Act, and false advertising laws, among other charges.

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