NY Man With Faulty Hip Implants Reaches Out to FDA

A New York man who has undergone two different hip replacement surgeries with defective hip implants is planning to reach out to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in an effort to improve medical device regulations.

Steve Lorenz has been living with the recalled Johnson & Johnson ASR metal-on-metal hip replacements, which has caused him to experience pain and discomfort, according to Of The Morning Call. He says he has had problems finding a doctor to perform a revision surgery because they want to avoid litigation.

The defective hip replacement is made out of chrome and cobalt metals and the friction between the metals in the implant has been shown to release tiny pieces of metal into the bloodstream. This may lead patients to experience side effects such as mood swings, vision loss, implant failure, and damaged soft tissue around the prosthesis, according to the Morning Call.

Lorenz and his wife will travel to Washington D.C. in June to go before the FDA to try and persuade the agency to make stricter regulations so that medical devices do not enter the market without undergoing clinical trials.

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NY Man With Faulty Hip Implants Reaches Out to FDA
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