Pradaxa Bleeding Episodes Raise Concern

Bleeding episodes related to patients who are given the blood thinner Pradaxa (dabigatram) are raising concerns among New Zealand hematologists who are calling for prescribers to become more educated about the dangers associated with the drug.

According to Med Page Today, the hematologists conducted a two month study where they identified 78 bleeding episodes, including 12 episodes that involved major bleeding with one that led to a death.

The review, which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found the following reasons contributed to the bleedings:

• Errors from the prescriber

• Impaired renal function

• Age of the patient

• Lack of an effective reversal agent for Pradaxa

Pradaxa is used to aid in the prevention of strokes or serious blood clots in some patients. Other symptoms of injury from Pradaxa include unexpected pain, swelling or joint pain, headaches, and unexpected bruising.

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