TX Nursing Home Blamed For Elderly Woman’s Death

A Texas family is blaming the death of their 94-year-old mother on the nursing home she moved into, claiming they were negligent in taking care of her.

Concepcion De La Garza passed away a few months after moving into the Buena Vida Nursing and Rehab facility. Her cause of death was listed as sepsis, a severe illness that develops when the bloodstream is taken over by bacteria that often occurs from bedsores, according to FOX News.

The family alleges that their mom would complain about having back pains, but did not know the reason until the hospital showed them her bedsore and saw that bone was exposed. The hospital also told them that they found mold under their mother’s breast because she had not been bathed. The family also says that they remember that their mother was not eating properly and that the staff would not feed her.

A law that was passed in 2003, which put a $250,000 cap on nursing home abuse compensation, has made it difficult for lawyers to afford to take on these types of cases.

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TX Nursing Home Blamed For Elderly Woman’s Death
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