Sony Unveils its Latest Array of Innovations at 2015 International CES

Promotes Superior Audiovisual Experiences through 4K and High-Resolution Audio as well as New Modes of Living through Life-Logging with its Expanding and Diverse Range of SmartWear Devices

TORONTO, Ontario – January 5, 2015 – Sony unveiled its new product lineup at the “2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES)” held in Las Vegas, Nevada. In line with its philosophy of “inspiring and fulfilling the curiosity of people around the world and moving them emotionally,” Sony’s booth will feature new products and prototypes highlighting Sony’s 4K Ultra High-Definition technology, High-Resolution Audio (‘Hi-Res’) and SmartWear.

Sony is taking the 4K visual and shooting experience to a whole new level with a wide range of 4K compatible products. A total of 11 new 4K BRAVIATMLCD TVs will be brought to market across three series, boasting even more breathtaking picture quality than before with Sony’s own, innovative 4K Processor X1. This new line of BRAVIA sets includes the world’s thinnest*1series of TVs (approximately 4.9 mm at their thinnest point) as well as the world’s first series with Hi-Res compatible speakers*2.

In addition, Sony is equipping a wide range of 4K and Full HD sets with Google’s latest AndroidTMoperating system to make cross-functionality between TV and mobile richer than ever. Furthermore, Sony’s One-Flick Entertainment interface provides a unique user experience with intuitive flick-operation via touchpad remote to access a library of content just a flick away. The combination of these two features, provides consumers with a whole new way of interacting with their TVs and accessing content, services, and apps.

Sony is also bringing a whole new level of 4K technology to its digital imaging line, starting with its new Action Cam model capable of shooting 4K video – a new wearable style of capturing footage as crisp, clear, and real as the moment itself. Sony will also showcase its newest 4K Handycam®camcorder – around 30% smaller and 20% lighter than the current model*3and equipped with Sony’s proprietary Balanced Optical SteadyShotTMtechnology.  

In the realm of audio, Sony’s wide range of new Hi-Res compatible products offers superior listening from inside the home to on-the-go. Sony is introducing a total of ten new devices*4, including a Hi-Res compatible top-of-the-line Walkman®, headphones, wireless speakers, home theater systems, and multi-channel integrated amplifiers. With Sony’s newly developed LDACTMcodec technology, which enables the transmission of approximately three times the amount of audio data as is currently possible with existing technologies*5, users can now listen to higher quality music wirelessly over Bluetooth®than ever before. Sony’s exhibit will also feature the power of SongPal LinkTM, a new functionality available in Sony’s new products that enables simultaneous audio playback through multiple connected devices*6. A demonstration of this at CES will transport attendees to a new musical space that transcends the physical confines of the venue.

Sony is also pushing forward with the creation of SmartWear devices that offer new experiences and styles of living. At last year’s 2014 International CES exhibition, Sony presented an innovative line of conceptual SmartWear products that log life experiences by recording actions of the user throughout the day. The information stored in the Lifelog app enables the user to identify and improve upon daily patterns, making the SmartWear device a powerful “life tool” that has the potential to enrich one’s life. In 2015, Sony will further strengthen its ties with fashion and lifestyle brands to deliver new modes of device-wearing that complement the conventional wristband-style. From headsets to eyewear, Sony’s SmartWear line will take on a variety of shapes and forms. With a fuller offering of Sony and third-party services and apps, these devices will boast a variety of potential applications, from everyday communication to improved tracking and recording functionality for running, golf, and fitness activities.

In advance of the opening of its exhibit at CES, Sony held a press conference on Monday, Jan. 5, local time. Sony Corporation President and CEO Kazuo Hirai and Sony Electronics (SEL) President and COO Michael Fasulo took the stage and unveiled the above-mentioned products set for release this year.

*1: For LCD TVs 20 inches or larger. As of the time of publication.

*2: As of the time of publication.

*3: FDR-AX100

*4: In the US market, the target sales region for SEL.

*5: SBC (328kbps, 44.1kHz)

*6: Hi-Res compatible devices include Wireless Speakers, Home Theater Systems, and Multi-Channel Integrated Amplifiers.

Main Products and Prototypes Being Exhibited


Sony announced 11 4K BRAVIA LCD TV models across three series that offer a greater visual experience – through stunning clarity, a wide colour gamut, high luminance, and high contrast – than ever before with the adoption of its own, innovative 4K Processor X1. Sony will be exhibiting the X900C series, featuring a new “Floating Style” design concept that boasts the world’s thinnest*1build (approximately 4.9 mm at its thinnest point). Sony will also display its X930C series, the world’s first*2TV series that support Hi-Res audio, equipped with Hi-Res compatible speakers, and boast Sony’s proprietary DSEE HXTMtechnology that upscales compressed audio from broadcast TV and other sources to near-Hi-Res levels*7.

Sony’s new products support the 4K compatible H.265/HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) and WebM VP9 video compression standards, thereby enabling viewers to enjoy a multitude of 4K platforms. Since YouTubeTMemploys the VP9 format worldwide, customers can also view user-generated 4K content, such as videos shot with a 4K Action Cam and uploaded to YouTube, on their new BRAVIA TV sets.

The FDR-X1000V, the first 4K compatible*8Action Cam, will support high definition, high bitrate video recording at 4K/30p (100 Mbps). It comes equipped with advanced SteadyShot technology*9and is the first of its line to feature wind noise reduction. The new Action Cam makes capturing 4K footage as crisp, clear, and real as the moment itself.

Sony’s new FDR-AX33 4K*8Handycam camcorder is around 30% smaller and 20% lighter than the current model*3and is the first 4K Handycam to come equipped with Balanced Optical SteadyShot technology capable of suppressing blur during all modes of shooting, from wide-angle to telephoto. With this automatic image stabilization, high-resolution 4K video recording becomes easier for consumers than ever before.

*7: Up to the equivalent of 192 kHz/24 bit.

*8: QFHD (3840 x 2160)

*9: Only when shooting in HD.

High-Resolution Audio

Sony offers superior listening experiences from inside the home to on-the-go with its diverse range of audio devices. Its new products allow users to play higher quality audio wirelessly over Bluetooth than ever before and to, through SongPal Link, simultaneously play music over multiple connected devices*6.

The NWZ-ZX2 Hi-Res compatible Walkman® is a new high-end model in the ZX series, following in the success of the Walkman® NW-ZX1 flagship model released in the fall of 2013. It takes the audio quality of the ZX1 to a higher level, featuring a new rigid chassis design to achieve an even higher-quality sound. The new model features up to 33 hours of Hi-Res playback (at 192 kHz/24 bit) and ultra-high quality playback over a Bluetooth connection when the device is paired with Sony’s new MDR-1ABT Headphones.

Sony will continue to expand its Hi-Res compatible lineup of products for the home, including the SRS-X99 and SRS-X88 Wireless Speakers, the HT-ST9, HT-NT3, and HT-XT3 Home Theater Systems, and the STR-DN1060 and STR-DN860 Multi-Channel Integrated Amplifier. These will all support wireless operation via SongPal Link, thereby enabling simultaneous playback through multiple connected devices, as well as playback of multiple songs on devices throughout separate rooms. Finally, Sony is also exhibiting a prototype Hi-Res car audio player during CES.


Among its SmartWear prototypes, Sony will introduce the Smart B-Trainer, an all-in-one, lightweight, headset-style device made for runners and equipped with essential running sensors and music playback capabilities. This device encourages a sustainable running routine, facilitating progress by automatically selecting songs with tempos to match the user’s heart rate and offering audio guidance for a variety of training programs.

The Sony booth will also feature the first ever public exhibition of the SmartEyeglass Attach! concept model for sports use, an attachable Single Lens Display Module that was announced in December 2014. This high-resolution eyewear module leverages Sony’s unique OLED technology and can be integrated into the eyewear products of cooperating third parties, enhancing users’ experiences by providing them with essential information through a high-resolution colour display. The module is perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor use, and it joins the SmartEyeglass transparent lens eyewear – designed for developers and targeted for release later this fiscal year – as early Sony entries into the world of wearable smart devices. Sony will continue to expand its SmartWear line with new concepts and innovative forms to match their functions.

Life Space UX

At the 2014 International CES, Sony introduced its new Life Space UX concept, reimagining how to experience and make the most of living spaces. Sony is moving forward with the commercialization of a number of Life Space UX prototypes, following the line’s inaugural product – the 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector. This projector, when placed at the foot of a wall, transforms the entire wall into a life-size window into another world with an expansive 147 inch image that boasts four times the clarity of Full HD. It was released in the United States in September of last year.

A number of other innovative Life Space UX products will be brought to market this year, including the LED Bulb Speaker – a bulb-shaped speaker that doubles as a functional light bulb. It blends right into any living space and enlivens it with music via a wireless connection. Also planned for release is the Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector, a compact cube-shaped projector measuring approximately 10 cm per side. It is capable of throwing up to a 50 inch image, allowing the user to watch a movie wherever the unit is set up, whether on the kitchen table or by the bathtub. Finally, Sony will be exhibiting, for the first time, three models of its Symphonic Light, yet another type of audio-emitting light fixture that can fill a room with crystal clear sound. With these and other unique products, Sony will continue to create and offer rich new modes of living through its expanding vision for Life Space UX.

*All product names listed here are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sony Corporation and its affiliate companies.

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