Sörman expands, new operation in Munich, Germany

Sörman expands, new operation in Munich, Germany As of September 1st 2000, Sörman Information will be starting a new company in Germany: Sörman Information GmbH, as a result of the successful expansion Sörman has generated in Sweden. Peter Erhard, Managing Director of Sörman Information GmbH, will lead and manage the Company, which will be based in Munich. The German market is at least ten times as large as the Swedish market. In the area of Munich alone, there are several potential customers who are interested in the knowledge, concepts and products that Sörman can provide, especially concerning Content Management Systems based on future- proof formats. As Munich is located in central Europe, Sörman can provide and support high technology IT-solutions to current and future customers all around Europe. Peter Erhard has previously worked as Operations Manager for a well known international company in Germany and he has the experience of the German market which is needed to build up a good customer base. The kick-off in Munich is only the beginning of Sörman's international expansion. Sörman plans to open several offices around Germany in the future, in order to manage the increasing needs for IT-related services and the products that Sörman provides. "Munich is the natural starting point for our European expansion since we have had customers there since 1994. With our unique Content Management Systems for handling after sales information in XML-format and with great support from our new owners, the timing of the start up is perfect. The knowledge of our start-up has already resulted in several new contacts with customers in Germany and Switzerland", says Mats Hultemark, Managing Director of Sörman Information. Sörman Information is a leading European company in the area of Content Management Systems, software development and content creation for advanced industrial information applications using the latest IT and Internet technologies. Sörman is highly regarded in the international SGML/ XML community and has developed the widely used SplitVision information delivery and browsing software. The major investors of Sörman Information are Investor Growth Capital, 6th AP fund, Servisen Management Group. For further information please contact: Contact 1 Joakim Erland Marketing Director Tel dir: +46 470 72 70 28 Tel vxl: +46 470 72 70 00 Mobil: +46 706 54 81 42 E-mail: jer@sorman.se Web: www.sorman.se Contact 2 Mats Hultemark Managing Director Tel dir: +46 470 72 70 62 Tel vxl: +46 470 72 70 00 Mobil: +46 706 06 70 62 E-mail: mah@sorman.se Web: www.sorman.se ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT http://www.bit.se The following files are available for download: http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/08/10/20000810BIT00660/bit0001.doc http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/08/10/20000810BIT00660/bit0002.pdf