Sotkamo Silver had conducted a diamond-drilling campaign at the Silver Mine to further investigate about the ore-formation, explore the depth-extension and to drill holes for new electricity-cables between the mine-levels. All drilling was underground drilling. 13 holes and a total of 2 502 meters were drilled. Drilling was carried out with NQ equipment, which gives a 50,7 mm core in diameter.

The mine’s electricity-system were improved by installing two new cables in separate holes between levels +84, +175, +255 and +330. This enabled the construction of new power stations at each level.

Holes TU 6 and TU 7 were drilled to confirm continuity of the deposit. The four holes TU11, TU 20, TU 18 and TU 76 were drilled to investigate the lower part of the deposit and the continuity downwards.  One long hole, TU 1 was drilled to investigate the reason of the geophysical anomaly that extends south from the main deposit. Locations of holes are given in attached picture-compilation. Table 1 shows the assay-values of the best intersections in the drilled holes. See also picture 1.

Drill-hole TU 1 was drilled from the deepest part of the production-tunnel to clarify reasons of the geophysical anomaly defined by earlier Sampo-surveys. In the depth of 611-615 meter the semi-massive sulfide-zone was intersected containing 9 % sulfur and 1.1 % zinc. In the depth of 808 -810 meters there is a 2 meter intersection containing 152 g/t silver and 0.6 g/t gold. These observations are 200-300 meters apart from earlier known ore-deposit model. This indicates a widespread occurrence of ore-forming processes and high ore potential of the area.

Holes TU 6 and TU 7 were drilled to confirm the continuity of the mineral resource. In both holes silver-grades above cut-off value of 50 g/t silver was found. Holes TU 11, TU 18, TU 20 and TU 76 were drilled in the lower part of the known deposit and below it. Holes TU 11, TU 18 and TU 20 intersect the silver mineralisation, which exceed the cut-off-value and confirm the continuity of the deposit and will increase the mineral-resources.

Hole TU 76 is one of best holes drilled in this part of deposit, about 100 meters below earlier observations. The core contains a 17,5 meters intersection with 266 g/t silver and 0,73 g/t gold. Inside this intersection the best part contains 411 g/t silver and 1,2 g/t gold at a length of 7,65 meters. The actual width of the intersected layer is about 5 meters as the intersection is oblique.

Drilling results confirm the deep extension of the silver deposit and that ore forming processes have been extensive.

”I am very pleased that we have been able to confirm that silver deposit continues downwards. Especially increase of gold values are a good sign. These results give remarkable new information of deposit structure and ore potential of depth continuation. I am convinced that these actions and continuous improvement are key to our success and future development of Sotkamo Silver” says CEO Timo Lindborg.

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Picture 1. Mineralized lenses containing more than 0,3 g/ton gold are presented in the upper part of the picture. In lower part Sampo-anomaly, interpreted from a geophysical survey, indicates conductive layers. Drill hole TU 76 intersects the conductive layers about 100 meters below earlier observations along with17.5 meters with 266 g/t silver and 0.73 g/t gold.

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Table 1: The best intersections in the drilled holes from core-drilling campaign Autumn 2014.



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