Watershot Inc.® Unveils Underwater Camera Housing for the iPhone®

Multi-feature, waterproof housing and free app hits the water sports market under $100

August 30, 2012 (San Diego, CA) - Watershot Inc.®, maker of top underwater camera housings in the motion picture industry, introduces the purpose-built underwater camera housing for the iPhone® - designed and developed for the extreme demands of water sports. This is no basic case. The Watershot® is a multi-feature solution specifically built to optimize photo and video imaging capabilities for those who have traded their digital cameras for the simplicity of their smart phone.

The unit comes complete with a glass lens port and lens baffle for optical image clarity, external threaded bezel for accessory lenses and filters, smart yet simple mounting system and a custom mobile application for imaging optimization and social media sharing.   Completely waterproof to depths of 50 meters (165 feet), the iPhone is fully suspended within the polycarbonate housing effectively shielding the phone from wear, tear, shock and pressure. The Watershot is a serious tool for surfers, divers, kayakers and anyone on, in and under water, yet boasts a consumer-friendly price tag of $99.

The free Watershot App, available on the App Store, is designed to utilize the built-in buttons to maximize camera functions from the basics to rapid fire, front and back camera use, GPS overlays and social media sharing while the phone remains enclosed safely in the housing. The built-in heavy-duty tri-pod mount is compatible with an available adapter to utilize the wide variety of GoPro® mounting accessories. A well-planned accessory line launching in November allows for maximum customization. Surf and action sports photographers will appreciate the ultra wide-angle fisheye lens and pistol grip accessory. The dive computer module, macro lens, colored filters and lighting kits are designed to meet the individual demands of divers and underwater photographers. While the Watershot comes with an adjustable lanyard, a buoyant lanyard is available to ensure additional peace of mind.

Located in San Diego, CA, Watershot Inc. was initially approached by international product sales company, i-DiveSite to design and engineer the housing. Specializing in equipment used in and under water, Watershot’s mission was to build the housing as robust as possible with key design features that mimic the heritage and craftsmanship of DSLR housings. Buttons are used in lieu of a membrane to achieve the waterproof rating of 165 feet, immediate camera functionality when fully submersed and tactile feedback. “The Watershot for the iPhone may be new to the market, but it is 41 years in the making,” noted Steve Ogles, Watershot founder and pioneer in surf and underwater photography and cinematography equipment since 1971. “Our customers trust high value equipment within our enclosures, including their iPhones. This product is not only for the occasional dip in the pool, but for those whose lives revolve around water and expect maximum protection and imaging performance.”

The Watershot is available now for purchase online with the first products shipping September 21st to customers and stores. With the pending iPhone 5 hitting the market this fall, Watershot Inc. is already tooling up to accommodate early adopters with new colors and an expected ship date mid-December. To learn more, or purchase in the United States, log on to www.watershot.com. For purchasing outside the U.S., log on to www.i-divesite.com.

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About Watershot Inc.®

Founded in 1995 by Steve Ogles, Watershot Inc. is located in San Diego, CA.  Trusted by the world’s best photographers, cinematographers and adventurers, Watershot Inc. designs and develops premium products used on, in and under water.  The diverse range of products and projects include DSLR dive and surf splash housings, freedive and surf rescue vests, iPod housings, dive lights and enclosures for underwater robotic exploration.  Camera housings built for use in the motion picture industry include the following theatrical releases: Pirates of the Caribbean I, II, III, Into the Blue, Into the Wild, Terminator III and All Is Lost.   To learn more, log on to www.watershot.com.



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Watershot® for the iPhone is an underwater camera housing designed and developed for the extreme demands of water sports.
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