Mandatory Notification of Trade

Kjell Olav Pettersen, chairman, main board of directors, bought 3 000 at 43,6167.  New total holding 6 455 NONG
Hans Olav Karde, CEO, bought 1 200 at 42,00.  New total holding , incl closely related, 7 304 NONG
Geir Andreassen, risk manager, bought 2 300 at 42,00. New total holding 5 419 NONG.
Stig Arne Engen, Senior Group General Manager, bought 2 300 at 42,00. New total holding 2 624 NONG.
Kjell Kolbeinsen, Director, information and PR, bought 200 at 44,50. New total holding 2 762 NONG.
Gunnar Kristiansen, deputy member, main board of directors, bought 300 at 43,50.  New total holding 4 531 NONG
Rigmor S. Berntsen bought 1 000 at 44,00 through her wholly owned company Rigamonti AS. Total holdings are 34 656 NONG.

About Us

SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge is a leading provider of financial products and services in North-Norway. In addition to loans, deposits and payment transmission services, this also comprises most other savings products, as well as life- and non-life insurance products. Services and products are made available either by the bank and its subsidiaries, or through SpareBank 1 Gruppen AS's product companies.