Notice of meeting concerning the election of representatives to Sparebanken Nord-Norge's corporate assembly

The election of representatives to Sparebanken Nord-Norge's Corporate Assembly will be held on
Monday 12 February 2007 at 11 a.m.
at Sparebanken Nord-Norge's Main Office, 3rd floor, Storgt. 65, Tromsø.
The holders of primary capital certificates have in the previous election elected 16 representatives and 16 deputy representatives to the Corporate Assembly. The Board of Trustees approved at their meeting on 15 March 2006 to reduce the number of deputy representatives from 16 to 8. According to the new by-laws all deputy representatives are to be elected after approval of the annual financial statement for 2006.
Pursuant to the Regulations concerning Primary Capital Certificates in Savings Banks, one quarter of the representatives, drawn by lot, leave office each of the first three years, and thereafter those members with the longest period of service leave office every year. 
This year four representatives and eight deputy representatives are to be elected.  The election period is 4 years. The election meeting shall also elect 2 members and 1 deputy member of the election committee.  The period of the election committee is 2 years.  Enclosed you will find the list of the recommended candidates.
Those entitled to vote are the holders of primary capital certificates that are registered in the Norwegian Registry of Securities (Verdipapirsentralen). Each primary capital certificate carries one vote.
Owners of primary capital certificates who wish to attend and vote, must complete and return the enclosed Attendance Form. Owners who wish to be represented by proxy are requested to complete and return the enclosed Form of Proxy. Both forms must be registered as received by the Bank administration by Thursday 8 February 2007 at 3 p.m.
No fee/travel allowance is payable for participation at the election meeting.
Yours faithfully,
Sparebanken Nord-Norge
Jan-Hugo Sørensen (sign.)                                                     Hans Olav Karde
Chairman of the Corporate Assembly                                    Chief Executive Officer

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