SpareBank 1 SR-Bank makes new concerted efforts to boost innovation and development

SpareBank 1 SR-Bank is making organisational adjustments in order be one of the best banks at developing new products and services for the benefit of its customers.

The group has implemented organisational changes which are designed to meet the expectations of our customers, along with new assertive incentives in new markets, e.g. in the Oslo area. These changes include the establishment of a separate business area for Strategy, Innovation and Development, as well as an area which will be responsible for Customer Services and Marketing. The groundwork has also been prepared in order to enable the group to continue in its role as one of Scandinavia’s most effective financial groups by engaging in the common management of HR and business support.

Business area for Strategy, Innovation and Development
This area will help to provide a boost to and increase focus on all the group’s future innovation and development work. The unit, which is under the management of Executive Vice President Glenn Sæther, is also responsible for following up the start-up company, FinStart Nordic. This company is already engaged in exciting new investments, and is also involved in the ownership of Monner and BOOST AI. The company is located in Oslo.

“We are aiming to be one of Norway’s best companies in terms of innovation and development. We will therefore be enhancing our efforts and boosting our work in this strategically important field. It is our overall ambition to ensure that the changes we are now making will result in even stronger, more relevant services for all our customers. Consequently we will improving the numerous excellent relationships which we currently have with our customers,” says CEO Arne Austreid at SpareBank 1 SR-Bank.

Business area for Customer Services and Marketing
This unit will help to develop all of the group’s customer services. This includes all products and services, as well as the many ecosystems surrounding the value chains of the group and its customers. Brand building and marketing in both traditional and digital media will also be renewed and improved. Group Director Ella Skjørestad will manage this area.

At the same time we have merged our Human Resources (HR) and Business Support departments. The purpose of this merger is to further improve the efficiency of our internal processes. This area will be run by Group Director Gro Tveit.

The changes made within the group mean that the group management of SpareBank 1 SR-Bank has acquired two new members, Ella Skjørestad and Gro Tveit. They have both been recruited internally.

Mr. Austreid says: “Following a rigorous process which involved the evaluation of a number of competent internal and external candidates, I am pleased to announce the appointment of Ella Skjørestad and Gro Tveit to the group management team. This shows that SpareBank 1 SR-Bank has many clever people who are able to fill many new, important roles in both the short and long term.”

SpareBank 1 SR-Bank set up an office in Oslo in March this year. Over the course of just a few months a great team has been working resolutely and has acquired new, profitable corporate customers. With effect from August we will have an organisation in Oslo which will be involved in the retail market both in and around the capital.

SpareBank 1 SR-Bank’s group management team now consists of the following members:
- Arne Austreid, CEO
- Inge Reinertsen, Chief Financial Officer
- Frode Bø, Executive Vice President, Risk Management
- Tore Medhus, Executive Vice President, Corporate Market
- Jan Friestad, Executive Vice President, Retail Market
- Ella Skjørestad, Executive Vice President, Customer Services and Marketing
- Glenn Sæther, Executive Vice President, Strategy, Innovation and Development
- Gro Tveit, Executive Vice President, HR and Business Support
- Thor-Christian Haugland, Executive Vice President, Communications and Sustainability

Stavanger, 11 June 2018

For further information or comments please contact:
CEO Arne Austreid, tel.: +47 900 77334
Communications Advisor Øyvind Knoph Askeland, tel.: +47 922 32639

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