Spaulding Clinical Research 2012 Study Metrics Lead Industry for Second Year in a Row

February 11, 2013 – West Bend, Wisconsin, USA   Today, Spaulding Clinical Research, a change agent in clinical research and medical device industries, announces that the company’s Clinical Pharmacology study metrics are the highest-quality reported by the industry for the second straight year.  

“Last year we challenged the industry by publically reporting our study metrics that substantiate claims of high-quality study execution.  Not only did Spaulding Clinical make our metrics available to sponsors, but as a reminder we also placed them on the back of every Spaulding associate business card,” states Daniel Selness, Sr. Vice President and General Manager of Clinical Research at Spaulding Clinical.  To our knowledge, none of our competitors has followed the Spaulding lead in making this information generally available to potential customers.

Randy Spaulding, founder and CEO of Spaulding Clinical states, “Even though we conducted over 3 times the number of Clinical Pharmacology studies, our 2012 study metrics compare favorably to those obtained during the prior year. This not only demonstrates the scalability of our solution, but proves that a highly automated approach to clinical research can provide both speed and consistent, high quality results.   I believe these achievements are also a direct result of the commitment to continuous improvement that every Spaulding associate shares, challenging the industry’s status quo from study recruitment to database lock.”

Spaulding Clinical publishes their metrics at

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Spaulding Clinical Research, LLC ( a change agent in the clinical research and medical device industries, is focused on driving perpetual value for their clients through technology and process innovation that delivers speed, unprecedented quality and lower costs.

Spaulding Clinical Research operates a 105-bed clinical pharmacology unit with 96, 12-lead ECG, telemetry beds in West Bend, Wisconsin, USA. The facility is paperless, using a customized Phase I Electronic Data Capture system with bi-directional interfaces to clinical lab, bedside devices and telemetry. Spaulding Biometrics provides full-service biostatistics, data management and medical writing services.

As a Phase I-IV centralized cardiac safety provider, Spaulding Clinical offers project management, expert cardiologist ECG over-read and a complete suite of state-of-the-art equipment provisioning, including the Spaulding webECGTM diagnostic 12-lead ECG Management Solution with the purpose-built Spaulding Model 1000iQ Electrocardiograph

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Spaulding Clinical Research, LLC ( provides Clinical Pharmacology, Cardiac Core Lab clinical research services, and is a medical device manufacturer. Spaulding Clinical operates a 155-bed clinical pharmacology unit with 96-beds of telemetry in West Bend, Wisconsin, USA. The facility is paperless, with a Phase I Electronic Data Capture system and bi-directional interfaces to safety lab, bedside devices and telemetry. As a Phase I-IV Core ECG Laboratory provider, Spaulding Clinical offers the complete suite of equipment provisioning and electrocardiograph over-reading services with state-of-the-art technologies, including the proprietary Spaulding iQ Electrocardiograph, and expertly-cardiologists and project managers