Stag Bakeries to showcase new products at International Food Exhibition

Stag Bakeries is launching a new range of savoury biscuits on stand N1505 at the International Food Exhibition 22 – 25 March 2015. 

Stag’s baking heritage on the beautifully unspoilt Outer Hebridean island of Lewis stretches back to 1885. Only the finest ingredients and lots of care go into making the biscuits. To showcase the brand’s Scottish heritage, and set them apart, Stag’s product range is built on provenance - and the latest additions to the range are no exception.

The latest new products are traditional Scottish Smoked Oatcakes. Continuing the policy to develop products with provenance, Stag has partnered with the last traditional smokehouse in the Hebrides, Stornoway Smokehouse, who gently smoke oats and butter over oak and beech to develop the ingredients for the new Smoked Oatcake range.

There are two flavours in the range. Smoked Butter Oatcake, which has a distinct, smoky flavour and received 2 Gold Stars at the Great Taste Awards 2014 and the Walnut Oatcake which has a warm, nutty flavour. The oatcakes are cocktail sized which are ideal for canapés or as part of a cheeseboard. Each 125g pack has an RRP of £2.45.

Those with sweet tastes won’t be disappointed thanks to a new Lemon & Poppy seed Shortbread. Made to a traditional recipe that is of a ‘short’ shortbread style, delicately flavoured with lemon and speckled with poppy seed. Each 125g pack costs £2.45 RRP.

SAMPLES AVAILABLE - please just get in touch if you'd like to try!

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Stag’s baking heritage on the beautifully unspoilt Outer Hebridean island of Lewis stretches back to 1885 and although the bakery is now modern, many things have not changed since those early days.

Skilled people, attention to detail, traditional recipes and time honoured methods are still at the heart of this artisan bakery and it shows in the products

The product range includes sweet and savoury biscuits.

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