Stag launches new products to their fresh bakery range

Stag Bakeries is a renown bakery, producing and supplying over 200 different products to the local Scottish Islands market. The sweet bakery range has had something of an overhaul in recent weeks and four new sweet confections have been introduced for local people to enjoy. 

Rocky Road, Paradise Slice, Apple & Toffee Slice and Traditional Flapjack are now available from local retailers as well as from Stag’s own mobile shops which deliver across the island.

Charlie Macdonald, Owner of Stag Bakeries said “It’s important that we reinvigorate our product offer every once in a while, especially when tastes change and different flavours become more popular. We wanted to bring our customers something new and are confident that the four bakes we have selected will be a welcome addition. All of our confections are hand-baked by our team of skilled bakers and we ensure that only quality ingredients are used so that our customers can enjoy the very best. We always welcome feedback from customers, especially if they have favourite flavours and bakes.”

Stag’s fresh baked offer includes fresh bread, sweet and savoury bakes and celebration cakes.  


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Stag’s baking heritage on the beautifully unspoilt Outer Hebridean island of Lewis stretches back to 1885 and although the bakery is now modern, many things have not changed since those early days.

Skilled people, attention to detail, traditional recipes and time honoured methods are still at the heart of this artisan bakery and it shows in the products

The product range includes sweet and savoury biscuits.


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