Successful switch of trading system

AktieTorget has today completed its planned switch to the Elasticia Exchange platform. The change went according to plan without significant disruptions for AktieTorget's trading members.

We have not noticed any operational issues in the trade, but still have difficulty displaying share price data on our own website, which we will continue to solve during the weekend.

The shift has been planned for a long time, and NGM and AktieTorget have worked together with their members this autumn to get them onboard, which has been facilitated by the fact that many are already affiliated with NGM.

Vendors like Millistream, Bloomberg, Reuters, Infront, and others, as well as our members, have done a great job and we would like to take the opportunity to thank them for their time and cooperation.

"The technology is moving forward, making this type of switch easier. We are now happy customers in a flexible and transparent system, where we will be able to provide trading in more currencies."

Peter Gönczi, VD AktieTorget

About AktieTorget
AktieTorget is a marketplace that brings together growth companies, current investors and investors seeking to be shareholders in growth companies. Our business idea is to provide a sound trading venue for both growth companies and investors. By comparison to other marketplaces, AktieTorget operates its own service- and surveillance function supporting companies operating in a publically listed and regulated environment. AktieTorget also offers listed companies increased investor visibility through our unique collaborations with media partners. Our market place includes entrepreneurial growth successes from Sweden, Finland and Denmark, and includes companies such as Synthetic MR, Storytel and Bahnhof. Our operations are under the supervision of Finansinspektionen - the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority


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