New research predicts 1 in 4 Samsung S 4 owners will damage their new phone within 12 months

SquareTrade study reveals Brits and Americans have spent £9.3 billion on damaged smartphones with £2.9B on Samsungs alone 

London – 25 April 2013 – New research from SquareTrade, the top-rated warranty provider, predicts that 1 in 4 Samsung Galaxy S4 owners are likely to suffer from accidental damage over the next 12 months. The prediction is based on extensive SquareTrade research which shows that 29% of Samsung Galaxy owners in the US and UK have experienced accidental damage in the last 12 months, with £9.3bn being spent on damaged smartphones and £2.9B on Samsung alone. The study of more than over 6,500 British and US smartphone users, combined the cost of repairs, replacements and insurance deductibles for broken, crashed, knocked, and water-damaged smartphones.[1]

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 is predicted to sell 10 million units a month[i] worldwide when it launches on the 27 April. In more encouraging news for Samsung, the SquareTrade research also found that 19% of Samsung owners had switched from the iPhone to the Korean handset manufacturer.

“There’s no doubt that many of us will flock to the shops to start our love affair with the new S4, but our research shows that months of drops and spills are likely to put that relationship in danger,” said Kevin Gillan, SquareTrade’s managing director, Europe. “If you buy a feature-rich phone and don’t protect it, a cracked screen or hardware fault could mean your expensive purchase won’t be nearly as much fun this time next year.”

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  1. 3.    Overall cost estimates were created using survey data and smartphone market size estimates released by ComScore in May 2012.

[1] Survey responses for SquareTrade's 2013 Samsung Owners Survey were collected from more than 900 respondents using Google’s Pulse Survey. SquareTrade’s 2012 Android Accident Survey included more than 2,200 participants and was conducted using Survey Sampling International. Demographic quotas were used to collect a representative sample of smartphone users for both surveys. Overall cost estimates were created using survey data and smartphone market size estimates released by ComScore in May 2012.

[i] Trusted Reviews 25 January 2013 -

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