Norway chooses SSC system for maritime surveillance

The Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) has signed a contract with the Norwegian company Heli- trans A/S for delivery of one maritime surveillance system, MSS 6000. The system includes a basic Mission Management System, SLAR (Side Looking Airborne Radar) and AIS (Automatic Iden- tification System). The delivery time is a critical factor in order to start operations in the beginning of 2009. The Swedish Space Corporation plans to deliver the mission equipment in December 2008 and will support the installation contractor to get the system commissioned on a very tight schedule. The short turn around time has been made possible by the recent successes in selling the MSS 6000, leading to serial production of the hardware. The system will be installed on a Fairchild Merlin III and the surveillance flights will be operated by Helitrans on behalf of Kystverket (The Norwegian Coastal Administration). .
The coastline of the Norwegian mainland is approx. 83,000 km, islands included. In addition there is the 9,000 km coast line of Svalbard. This equals more than twice the Earths equatorial circumference. The flight operations for Kystverket have a 24-hour alert preparedness and fly about 700 hours a year. SSC delivered the first mission equipment for aerial surveillance along the Norwegian coast in 1981. The IR/UV scanner was added in 1987. In 1998, the system underwent a major revision when SSC installed the first complete system, version MSS 5000, on board the Norwegian aircraft.
Facts The MSS 6000 for Norway is a basic system and consists of a Mission Management System, SLAR (Side-Looking Airborne Radar) and AIS (Automatic Identification System). Information from the sensors will be displayed in real time and is tightly integrated with a tactical map. The map image shows the current aircraft position and has a large number of operator selectable overlays for background information and will give continuously updated AIS information, observation and target notes, as well as geocorrected imagery from the SLAR. All information from the mission is saved compiled into mission reports. The SSC Maritime Surveillance System is a field-proven, user-friendly system and is used by coast guard and marine police organisations around the world.
"SSC is very happy to be able to support Kystverket and Helitrans in this project and look forward to our continued successful co-operation. This is a commitment to the long-term relations with our client, and we are looking forward to working with our Norwegian friends for many years to come", says Christer Colliander, head of After-Sales Service at the SSC Airborne Systems Department.
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