Starbreeze invests 8 MUSD in publishing “RAID: World War II”, partners with Croatian based studio Lion Game Lion

RAID: World War II is an action-packed, four player co-op shooter game that lets players team up as the Raid crew and venture through the epic events of World War II.

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“Lion Game Lion has already shown they know how to make awesome gameplay with passion. Now it’s time for the lions to take a bigger bite. With RAID it’s war!“, said Bo Andersson Klint, CEO of Starbreeze Studios. “We think the world is ready for an amazing co-op game set during an era of heroes and villains, horror and bravery.

“It’s great to see Lion Game Lion succeed so well in our PAYDAY 2 collaboration. By delivering great gameplay, they have not only gained our trust, but also the trust of players. Now it’s time for them to bat in the big leagues with RAID: World War II,” said Mikael Nermark, COO of Starbreeze Studios.

“The dream for any developer is to make your own game with a partner who cares about your future. With Starbreeze as our wingman, we get the opportunity to show the world what we can create with our own brand. With RAID: World War II, we’re taking everything we’ve learned to create an experience to die for in a World War II setting,” said Nikica Petrusic, President of Lion Game Lion.

RAID: World War II is in its initial production phase. Platforms and release dates have not yet been decided.


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About Lion Game Lion:

Lion Game Lion, founded in 2013, is an independent studio located in Zagreb, Croatia employing industry veterans from OVERKILL and elsewhere.

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