Media Advisory: StarVR Showcases Ground-Breaking Virtual Reality Experiences at SIGGRAPH 2017

SIGGRAPH 2017 – Los Angeles, Aug. 1, 2017 – The virtual reality race is levelling up and attendees of SIGGRAPH 2017 will have an opportunity to see the latest and most advanced virtual reality technology from StarVR that’s powering today’s most cutting-edge virtual reality scenarios – ranging from gaming and entertainment to industrial automation and enterprise applications.

A joint venture between entertainment content creator, publisher and innovator Starbreeze Studios, and Acer, StarVR will be showcasing its virtual reality offerings at the annual SIGGRAPH conference, an interdisciplinary educational experience in the latest computer graphics and interactive techniques, taking place July 30 through Aug. 3 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Poised to be the leading name in the virtual reality space, StarVR is revolutionizing the head-mounted display market through its 210-degree full peripheral field of view – double that of any other VR headset currently available – along with 5K resolution (2560x1440 per eye) – setting a new benchmark for virtual reality headsets and the means to support large-scale playability, e-sport and multiplayer gaming.

Additionally, StarVR is behind today’s most exciting immersive virtual reality experiences at the IMAX VR Experience Center in Los Angeles, New York City and its upcoming locations globally. StarVR offers a completely integrated hardware and software virtual reality solution, as well as digital content created by its major investor, Starbreeze Studios. Two titles are now fully integrated with the StarVR solution: John Wick Chronicles , and The Mummy Prodigium Strike .

Defining the Future of VR for the Enterprise  

Top-tier technical specifications aside, StarVR is ideally suited for enterprise use due its ability to support “natural vision” – positional tracking combining gyroscopes, accelerometers and magnetometers real-time data with an optical tracking system. 

StarVR can support the enterprise in a wide range of use cases, including:

  • simulation and training for the defense industry
  • engineering and construction
  • pilot virtual cockpit training
  • architectural design visualization
  • retail and showrooming

Most recently, StarVR teamed up with automotive visualization pioneer ZeroLight to showcase one of the most visually impressive virtual reality experiences to date – enabling users to configure, explore and interact with a digital vehicle.

At SIGGRAPH, StarVR executives will be on hand to meet with attendees to discuss the company’s technology roadmap for its game-changing virtual reality hardware and content development as well as soon-to-be announced industry collaborations that will expand the use of virtual reality for both consumers and the enterprise.

At the SIGGRAPH Studio Experience showcase by HP, StarVR will be showcased together with a prototype of the forthcoming HP hardware platform that will provide the requisite robust computing power to support an exciting new “wireless” StarVR virtual reality offering.

About StarVR 
Aiming to be the leading solutions provider of B2B Virtual Reality services, StarVR Corporation innovates the head-mounted display market through its 210-degree, 5K resolution VR headset. StarVR Corporation is a joint venture between Swedish entertainment content creator, publisher and innovator Starbreeze Studios, and Acer, one of the world's top ICT companies with a presence in over 160 countries.

The joint venture designs, manufactures, promotes, markets and manages sales and support of StarVR solutions to the professional, enterprise, and location-based entertainment market. Headquartered in Taipei, StarVR Corporation also has presence in Los Angeles, Paris and Stockholm. Learn more at

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About StarVR StarVR Corporation is dedicated to the innovation of professional virtual reality solutions, with a focus on high-end enterprise applications and location-based entertainment. At the core of its commercial solutions sits the StarVR head-mounted-display (HMD). The next-generation StarVR® One headset features an industry-leading 210-degree field-of-view and integrated eye tracking, proprietary full RGB AMOLED displays with 16 million sub-pixels and custom designed lenses. Founded as a joint venture between Acer and Starbreeze, StarVR Corporation is listed on the emerging stock board of the Taipei Exchange (TPEx: 6681). The company is headquartered in Taipei, with presence in Los Angeles, Paris and Stockholm. Learn more at