Real Time Offers from SteelHouse Lifts Retailer’s Conversions by 68% and Increases Consumer Engagement and Loyalty

Folica, a leading online retailer of hair and beauty products, saw a 68% lift in conversion by targeting their Elite Member shoppers with SteelHouse’s personality-driven Real Time Offers™.

LOS ANGELES (May 8, 2012) – Folica (, a leading online retailer of hair and beauty products, turned to SteelHouse, a behavioral commerce company powering the industry’s only zero reaction time marketing solution, to implement a personalized marketing approach to engage with and reward their loyal “Elite Members” – as well as to drive conversions.

SteelHouse’s award-winning marketing platform provides retailers with granular, real-time insight into their shoppers’ buying behaviors and then enables them to act on this insight immediately via its Real Time Offers™. This capability not only helped Folica engage with their loyal shoppers, but also made a significant difference in its conversion rates.

With SteelHouse, Folica was able to target email recipients and serve them a Real Time Offer that not only reinforced their email campaign, but also reminded Elite Members of the “Free Shipping” incentive they earned for being a loyal shopper.  In doing so, they created a total brand experience on and off their website and saw a 68% lift in conversion.

“SteelHouse’s platform made it simpler than ever for us to segment our loyal shoppers and reward them with the appropriate offer,” said Jessica Bohm, Director of Marketing at Folica. “With their technology, we can continue to deploy Real Time Offer campaigns to shopper segments that will help us to further engage with our customers and maximize conversions. We look forward to growing our revenue with them every month.”

Folica appreciated how simple it was to segment, target and deploy a campaign, and enjoyed the luxury of not having to create a landing page to reinforce one of their essential Elite Member email campaigns. Instead, they were able to launch a mirrored Real Time Offer campaign to support and reiterate their loyalty shopper incentive when shoppers arrived on their site.

“Our behavioral analytics platform provides retailers with data-driven insight from their shoppers and allows them to immediately act on it with Real Time Offers,” said Mark Douglas, President and CEO of SteelHouse. “By combining this behavioral data with the ability to personally and instantly engage with customers, SteelHouse enables marketers to guide, influence and encourage their shoppers in ways never seen before.”

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SteelHouse™ (, an ad:tech Innovation Award-winning company, powers the industry’s only real time marketing solutions for online retailers. With SteelHouse, marketers can segment shoppers based on their shopping personalities and buying behaviors, and then instantly act on that insight. The company’s real time Behavioral Commerce products – Real Time Offers™, Retargeting and Display Ads – enable eCommerce merchants to direct shopper behavior with targeted offers that increase conversion rates, average order values, sales, and overall engagement.

The SteelHouse team is comprised of veteran direct marketers and engineers from eHarmony, E*TRADE, Oracle and the Rubicon Project. SteelHouse is based in Los Angeles, Calif.

About Folica

Folica ( is a leading ecommerce website for hair products, tools and expert advice on care and styling. Hair is your most important accessory! They advocate hair adventures, awareness and affection – anything goes, as long as it’s in the name of a great mane. At you can find what you need to get the look you want and make every day a great hair day.

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SteelHouse™ ( is enabling Real Time Marketing by giving online retailers the ability to deliver offers to their shoppers in real time – anywhere on the web and through any device. Combined with SteelHouse’s award-winning and patent-pending Behavioral Commerce technology, which powers its Real Time Offers and Retargeting products, offers are generated based on shoppers distinct shopping personalities and buying behaviors. With SteelHouse, marketers can for the first time, truly understand who their shoppers are by their shopping personalities and buying behaviors and – just as important – act on that intelligence right away with Real Time Offers and Retargeting that will increase their conversions, sales and revenue. The SteelHouse team includes veteran direct marketers and engineers from eHarmony, E*TRADE, Oracle and the Rubicon Project. SteelHouse is based in Los Angeles, Calif.

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