Steenord has increased its shareholding in Agrokultura to 47,84%, which gives rise to an obligation to launch a mandatory public offer


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Steenord Corp (“Steenord”) on 14 August 2014 was the owner of 65,985,064 shares in Agrokultura AB (publ) (“Agrokultura”), and has on 14 August 2014 acquired 520,000 shares in Agrokultura, which is listed on Nasdaq OMX First North, whereby Steenord holds 66,505,064 Agrokultura shares. Accordingly, Steenord’s shareholding in Agrokultura increased from about 47,47% of Agrokultura’s share capital and voting rights to about 47,84% of the share capital and voting rights. This entails that Steenord is obliged to make a public offer to acquire the shares held by all of the shareholders in Agrokultura.

Steenord intends to return within four weeks with a decision on any public tender offer pertaining to the remaining shares in Agrokultura. If such a mandatory offer is submitted, the price to be offered will be SEK 4.50 per share, corresponding to the highest price that Steenord has paid during the most recent six-month period.

This is a translation of the Swedish version of the press release. When in doubt, the Swedish wording prevails.

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