Stena LNG - new entity in the Stena Group

Stena AB has decided to put the LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) shipping operation in a separate new company - Stena LNG.

Kim Ullman has been appointed CEO of the company and Göran Hermansson is appointed CFO and Vice President. When starting their new positions Kim and Göran end their employments in Stena Bulk and Concordia Maritime AB respectively.

A board has been set with Carl-Johan Hagman as the Chairman, the other board members are: Michael G:son Löw, Morten Mæhle, Shaheryar Chishty and Peter Claesson.

The company will take over the responsibility for the three vessels which were purchased by Stena a year ago. This initiative should be seen as part of Stena's ambitions to focus its involvement in the exciting but capital intensive LNG shipping market.

The company headquarters will be located in Gothenburg.

Carl-Johan Hagman
CEO Stena Rederi AB

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