Steria provides managed services for the information system of the French naval aviation.

Steria provides managed services for the information system of the French naval aviation. The French naval aviation department (S.AERO) helps maintain naval aircraft in operational condition. To make this possible, it runs a technical office and a supply service to provide technical and logistical support for the 80 combat aircraft and 70 helicopters in the French navy. S.AERO is located in the French Navy airport at Toussus-le-Noble near Paris. Its technical and logistical operations span several naval aviation bases and include warehouses at Cuers and Lorient storing some 250,000 spare parts required for aircraft maintenance. It also has operations in Germany and at sea (the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier and several helicopter carriers). An outsourcing pioneer in the French Defence sector To ensure the smooth operation of the information system in the Data Processing Centre (DPC) at the Toussus-le-Noble site, and following an open call for tender, in 2001 S.AERO signed a three-year onsite managed services contract with commitment to results. The services are based on specific quality indicators jointly defined by S.AERO and Steria. This contract makes S.AERO an outsourcing pioneer in the French Defence sector. "Given the strategic nature of our mission, we cannot afford to fail. Not only must the continuity of service be guaranteed, but it is necessary for our service provider to commit to specific results," said Commander Jobard, IT Manager for S.AERO. "Although outsourcing costs are approximately the same as those for using internal resources, our IT system is more dynamic in terms of quality of service and responsiveness. Furthermore, managed services allow us to better control the supply of expertise and resources required for our IT operations," continued Commander Jobard. Indicators for monitoring quality of service Steria manages daily operational managed services, information systems administration, and PC support services. A series of very detailed reports have been defined with the DPC teams, based on a monthly Steering Committee and a document providing the history of all the incidents that occurred during the previous month, corrective actions performed, and proposed changes. Furthermore, an intranet has been specially designed to distribute all this information. This includes IT production indicators, general and technical documentation, and the follow-up of incidents and operations, tasks and projects. To manage all these activities, a quality of service measurement plan and its associated methodology were first defined by Steria for S.AERO. "This method required a major investment from S.AERO, both in terms of time and methodology, but it is the key to a successful outsourcing project. It is important for us to be in total control of our business at all times," said Commander Jobard. "Steria has been a strategic partner of S.AERO since 1994 and has an in- depth knowledge of our business. Its global quality approach convinced us that outsourcing was the best solution. Furthermore, Steria guarantees the mastery of our Information System. Consequently the applications reference system and the quality of the documentation drawn up by Steria provide us with fast Information System reversibility" concluded Commander Jobard. About Steria ( : With 2002 revenue of ?1.018bn and 8,500 employees, Steria is one of the top ten IT services companies in Europe. Present in 12 countries worldwide, the Group is positioned as an IT services global operator thanks to the mastery of its three core businesses: consulting, systems integration and managed services. Its acknowledged expertise in managing large-scale projects and its range of industrialised solutions in Europe enable Steria to offer its customers a reliable service with commitment to cost and risk control. The Group has strong sector-based expertise in the Public Services, Banking and Insurance, Utilities and Telecommunications markets. Created in 1969, the Steria group is a pioneer in employee shareholding, with 31% of its capital being held by employees. Steria is listed on the Premier Marché of the Paris Stock Exchange and in the SBF 120 index. Steria Press Office Actus PR France and Regions Managed Services Laurent Meggs Olivier Coreau Tel.: 01 53 67 36 39 Tel.: 01 34 88 93 34 e-mail: e-mail: Steria Group Press Office Dominique Lambert Tel: 01 34 88 64 44 e-mail: ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:


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