Researchers in developing countries to receive mentoring from British medical research expert

A British former Ophthalmologist and medical research expert is working in partnership with a charitable global research network to provide free support to researchers in developing countries.

Dr Steven Bradshaw has recently signed up to become a mentor at AuthorAID to help developing countries’ researchers, to publish their work to the global audience.

AuthorAID provides free support and mentoring to researchers in developing countries, to strengthen the access of research information. The network also helps researchers from the same countries to publish, and communicate their work to an international audience.

Dr Bradshaw has commented on the news: “I’m delighted to be part of the AuthorAID mentoring scheme to support researchers and institutions in developing countries - who may be experiencing funding restrains and language barriers - in order to help improve the access of research outputs from these countries.”

Dr Bradshaw recently commented on the issue of researchers publishing work when English is their second language. He understands that this can be a barrier when translating work from one language to another.

“It’s a tremendous shame when scientists are being discredited for their research due to the language they speak. It’s not always easy for non-English speakers to convey their findings and hypotheses properly into English.”

Therefore, Dr Bradshaw is determine to ensure this tragic and yet avoidable occurrence does not happen again. Other skills Dr Bradshaw is bringing to the scheme includes guidance on research ethics training, study design and support in the development of academic publications.

Depending on the researchers’ projects, Dr Bradshaw will be providing support to healthcare researchers and institutions in developing countries in their efforts to develop effective policies, programs and strategies to improve health and strengthen health systems.

Dr Bradshaw continues, “Research can influence policy, it can drive economic growth and help improve health systems so countries and communities can meet the health challenges they face. Therefore, I was very keen to be involved in this scheme as a way to give back to the global community.”

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Dr Steven Bradshaw has over 15 years of experience in pharmaceuticals and healthcare, with over 30 published articles in medical journals. He was once Editor at the Nature Publishing Group and is also a regular expert peer reviewer for journals such as British Journal of General Practice, American Journal of Ophthalmology, Indian Journal of Ophthalmology, and Aviation, Space and Environmental Medicine.

Dr Steven Bradshaw is the European Director of Market Access Solutions and and provides strategic global market access, health economics and outcomes research and health policy consulting to pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, governments and NGOs.  

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