Life science hotlist to attract investments to Stockholm, Sweden

It is going to be easier for foreign investors to find partners in Stockholm and Uppsala. Stockholm-Uppsala Life Science Investment Hotlist is now being launched, a list presenting the region's hottest investment prospects to investors.

"With Stockholm-Uppsala Life Science Investment Hotlist, we provide a stamp of quality,” says Ylva Hultman-Erlandsson, business development manager responsible for life science at Stockholm Business Region Development. “There is considerable interest in the region among foreign investors; we have a strong reputation in the research sphere and a multitude of exciting companies. Now we have to improve at converting this into partnerships and commercial successes. The list does the groundwork for those looking for investment opportunities.”

The list has been prepared in collaboration with the consulting firm Avanture and initially includes 20 companies, clearly defined by position, future prospects, needs and contact opportunities. By creating awareness of the list via investor meetings, PR and social media, it can be established as a tool for investors. The list will be continuously revised and companies will be added or removed.

To qualify for the list, the companies must offer a product or service, based on unique research, that will lead to a commercial solution with global potential. They must also have established themselves in the market with a finished product or service, alternatively, be close to the commercialization phase.

“The overriding objective is to make the companies visible among the investors and bring about meetings and presentation opportunities,” says Ylva Hultman-Erlandsson. “We'll reach 150 meetings for the companies during 2013."

The selected companies are:
Abera Bioscience, BinaryBio, BioLamina, Biovica, Corline Systems, Diamyd Medical, Episurf Medical, Inerventions, IRRAS, KeytoLead, ModPro, NeoDynamics, NoseLabs, Oss-Q, Premune, Q-linea, Senzime, Spiber Technologies, Xbrane Bioscience and Xspray.

Download the Stockholm-Uppsala Life Science Investment Hotlist here.

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