Trig Money™ Launches Global Advertising Campaign on LUXE.TV

Trig Social Media AB (Publ) on Monday launched a global advertising campaign for its cashback application Trig Money™ on the luxury lifestyle TV channel: LUXE.TV

The global AD campaign highlights the value for users who shop online to download the Trig Money™ application and receive cashback when shopping online on a global basis.

The global advertising campaign runs with 90-second and 20-second version TV spots for a period of 4 weeks on LUXE TV.

View the Trig Money™ advertisement here.


Trig Money™ offers a cashback application to its users on the services and products that they buy online with any of the thousands of global retailers connected to the
rig Money™ network. The service is unique, smart and simple in that the user/consumer does not need to change their buying behavior, as they are able to search for offers via search engines, banners or by entering a web address directly into the browser. Trig Money™ thereafter automatically informs the user/consumer of their generated cashback.

LUXE.TV is the worldwide TV network broadcasting content entirely dedicated to the world of luxury and art of living. Broadcast in HD or SD, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
LUXE.TV is based in Luxembourg but is broadcast across the world and has more than 35 million subscribers in 121 countries. LUXE.TV is distributed on 4 continents, in Europe, Asia, Africa and in North America.


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Sabinije von Gaffke
Head of Communications and PR

Trig Social Media AB (Publ) is a holding company for a portfolio of social media and related user engagement applications.
The Company has an existing portfolio of 26.25 million users, of which 23 millon have corporate sponsors to download the company’s income generating application: Trig|money.
Trig Social Media AB (Publ) financial model is significantly different from all other companies operating in the social media space, as the company does not rely on traditional click/view advertising etc.
Trig Social Media AB (Publ) is currently focused on the 18 countries in which it operates today.