Trig Social Media AB (publ.) “TSM” Appoints New CEO

Mr. Phillip Cook, who is the ultimate main owner of TSM, has been appointed as new CEO of Trig Social Media AB (Publ) "TSM".

Mr. Cook har run TSM´s subsidiary Trig Entertainment AB, where all operative issues are handled, during the last year and is also a Board member of TSM´s parent company Trig Media Group AB.

Mr. Cook has a solid and long-lasting knowledge of the operation and management of public companies and also possesses a unique network within the international financial business world. During the last three years Mr. Cook has devoted his efforts in bringing TSM into the public environment where it now is located and will focus on creating and realizing the strategies that will take TSM into a multibillion venture.

The resigning CEO Anthony Norman will take the position as new Chairman of the Board with main focus on strategic business development. Mr. Peter Kusendal will remain in the Board as ordinary member.

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