Trig Social Media AB (Publ) Sponsor At Offshore Powerboat Race in Sweden.

Trig Social Media AB (Publ) is pleased to announce that Trig Money™ is the proud sponsor of Team V/O/R, the only all-girls team, at the Offshore Powerboat Race event Nynäshamns Offshore, that runs this weekend.

The all-girls team consists of Veronica Olderin (driver) and Kristina Coleman (navigator). They race in a Twister, powered by a Mercury hk pro xs.

The duo make a great match and team, and have previously won gold and silver medals in the Swedish Championships and they are proving to be hard to beat. This is the teams last race before the duo head off to the World Powerboat Championships held in Guernsey, England. A three race Championship that will run from 9th to 15th September.


Veronica Olderin has competed in powerboat racing since 2006. Kristina joined the team 2 years ago. When Veronica is not competing in offshore races, she consults for Trig and is part of the Trig Money team. 

-“We are excited to sponsor Team V/O/R and we wish Veronica and Kristina the best of luck at the races. This sponsorship deal is one of many to come, as Trig has commenced exciting sponsorship deals within sports and entertainment, that hopefully will be of interest to our users”, says Phillip Cook, Trig Social Media AB (Publ).

The Nynäshamn Offshore race runs from 22nd to 23rd August. On Friday the race starts at 5 pm and on Saturday at 2 pm. 

We wish this power duo the best of luck at Nynäshamn Offshore!

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