The Stockholm International Film Festival proudly presents its most extensive program ever

Today, October 21st, the program for the 20th Stockholm International Film Festival is revealed. Tomorrow, October 22nd, the ticket sales begin on-line and in Kulturhuset. This year's program presents 180 films, from over 50 countries, 109 Nordic premieres, 49 debutant directors, seven world premieres and a world-class selection of established directors.

-We are presenting our most extensive program ever this year and adding an extra day to the festival. Stockholm Film Festival is the arena where new exciting directors are introduced and the audience get at chance to meet them, says Festival director Git Scheynius. This year's opening film is the celebrated "Precious" by Lee Daniels, the poetic and dystopian "The Road" by John Hillcott is this year's centrepiece gala. The festival closes with the Oscar favourite "Up in the Air" by Jason Reitman. Below is a presentation of this year's sections, as well of the visiting directors already confirmed to visit this year's festival. Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award This year's Lifetime Achievement Award presented to actress Susan Sarandon. Hollywood's uncrowned queen with several Oscar nominations, one win and films like "White Palace", "Thelma & Louise" and "Dead Man Walking" will visit Stockholm in November to receive her bronze horse. Stockholm Visionary Award The Stockholm Visionary Award recipient 2009 is director Luc Besson. He has with films like "Subway", "The Fifth Element" and "The Big Blue" proven to be a visionary director and with his production company, that has paved way for European film internationally, he has proven himself a producer with visions. Besson will come to Stockholm to accept the award and meet the audience on a Face2Face. Stockholm XX Competition The festival's competition is open for directors that have made no more than three feature films. 20 films compete for the Bronze horse, which is presented for Best Feature. Among this year's film you notice the ambitious Swedish "Miss Kicki ", with an impressive interpretation by Pernilla August, directed by debutante Håkon Liu. Cary Joji Fukanagas upsetting drama thriller "Sin Nombre" about the South American gangs is another film competing this year. Stockholm XX Short Film Competition The international competition section for short films. The 19 films, which compete for an Aluminium horse, are each screened before one of the films in the competition for feature films. Among the short films screened this year are "Danse Macabre" by Pedro Pires and "Still Birds" by Sara Eliassen. Open Zone Feature films from acclaimed directors in contemporary cinema from around the world. The section includes the Wes Andersson's animated dream project "Fantastic Mr.Fox" and the critically "An Education" by Danish Lone Scherfig. American Independents The section for new independent films from upcoming as well as established American directors films like Harmony Korine's respect less and "Trash Humpers", that has been given a warm reception both in Toronto and New York. Here you will also find the hypnotic and experimental "Limits of Control" by Jim Jarmusch in this category. Asian Images This section is the audience's chance to indulge in films from one of the most creative and prolific filmmaking regions in the world. Here you'll find maybe one of this year's sexiest films by Spanish Isabel Coixets "Map of the Sounds of Tokyo. Here is also the film "Mother" by Bong Joon-Ho, a work of art that mixes genres. Latin Visions At the Stockholm Film Festival you will find some of the best from the Spanish and South American film industry. One of the films this year is the subtle and minimalistic "Woman without piano" by Javier Rebollo, a strong debut that plays with the viewer's expectations. Here you will also find the upsetting and touching "Daniel and Ana" by director Michel Franco, and "Garapa" by José Padilha that received a Golden Bear in Berlin. Spotlight: Apocalypse This year's Spotlight is Apocalypse. One of the films in this year's Spotlight is the long awaited "The Road" by John Hillcott, based on the novel by Cormac McCarhys novel with the same name. We meet a father and son in a post-apocalyptic USA. In the animated film "9" by Shane Acker, based on an Oscar nominated short film, the plot revolves around nine dolls who has to save the world. Documania This section boasts with some of the most memorable documentaries. One of these is Adam Bhala Loughs documentary "The Carter", which the rapper himself tried to stop and is now shown for the first time outside the US. Twilight Zone The Stockholm film festival buffet of horror and ground-breaking genre films will screen amongst others "Leslie my name is evil" by Reginald Harkema, having it's international premiere at the Stockholm film festival. Here you will also find the great Park-Chan wook's poetic vampire film "Thirst". Dedication This year's festival is dedicated to the American actor David Carradine, who participated in more than 100 films during his lifetime. Some that deserves to be mentioned is "The Serpents Egg" by Ingmar Bergman, "Boxcar Bertha" by Martin Scorsese and the "Kill Bill" films by Quentin Tarantino. iFestival iFestival is comprised by films screened over the Internet, with the whole world as an audience. iFestival visitors can watch the films and vote for their favourite online. Through the iFestival , the Stockholm film festival was the first in the world to create a section exclusively for the web. iFestival has around 500 000 visitors per year. Work-in-progress In this section, the Stockholm audience has a unique opportunity to see some of the most interesting film projects in Sweden and beyond- before they are even finished. Festival visitors can see parts of films still in production and directors talk about their projects in adjoining Face2Face meetings. Here you will have the chance to see the first clips of the film "Svinalängorna" by Pernilla August starring Noomi Rapace. Here is also the opportunity to hear Daniel Espinosa talk about the shooting of Jens Lapidus "Snabba Cash". Tickets The tickets sale starts on the 22nd of October at 11am on, and in the festival centre at Kulturhuset (street level by the information desk), From November 18th you will also be able to buy tickets at the cinemas in connection to the film screenings. Admission to the screenings requires a membership card for 2009 and a valid ticket. Press images, Username: press2009, password: stockholm Directors, actors and producers confirmed to visit this year's festival (all press dates are preliminary) Stockholm XX Competition Håkon Liu - director, Miss Kicki, press 21 Nov Pernilla August - actor, Miss Kicki, press 21 Nov Ludwig Palmell - actor, Miss Kicki, press 21 Nov Raja Amari - director, Buried Secrets, press 21 Nov Vladimir Perisic - director, Ordinary People, press 22 Nov Mattias Armand Jordal - director, Together, press 24 Nov Yorgos Lanthimos - director, Dogtooth, press 25 Nov Babak Jalali - director, Frontier Blues, press 25 Nov Cherien Dabis - director, Amreeka press, 27 Nov Andrea Arnold - director, Fish Tank, press 28 Nov Urszula Antonik - director, Nothing Personal, press TBA Lee Daniels - director, Precious, press TBA Haim Tabakman - director, Eyes Wide Open, press TBA Tarik Saleh - director, Metropia, press TBA Stockholm XX Short Film Competition (Not in competition) Alexandra Dahlström - director, Because the Night, press 21 Nov Zuzana Kirchnerova-Spidlova - director, Bába, press TBA Stockholm Visionary Award Luc Besson, press 27 Nov Open Zone Denis Villeneuve - director, Polytechnique, press 22 Nov Mathias Gokalp - director, Nothing Personal (Rien de Personnel), press 26 Nov Lone Scherfig - director, An Education, press 27 Nov Simon Szabo - director, Paper Planes, press TBA Twilight Zone Andreas Schaap - director, Must love Death, press 19 Nov Fabian Winkelmann - producer, Must love Death, press 19 Nov Tom Six - director, The Human Centipide, press 25 Nov Ilona Six - producer, The Human Centipide, press 25 Nov Julia Voth - actor, Bitch Slap, press TBA Erin Cummings - actor, Bitch Slap, press TBA America Olivo - actor, Bitch Slap, press TBA Documania Kirby Dick - director, Outrage, press 19 Nov Angela Ismailos - director, Great Directors, press 19 Nov Asian Images Joon-ho Bong - director, Mother, press 19 Nov Isabel Coixet - director, Map of the sounds of Tokyo, press 19 Nov Momoko Ando - director, A Piece of our Life, press 24 Nov SK Jhung - director, Searching for the Elephant, press TBA Shalizeh Arefpour - director, Heiran, press TBA Latin Images Michel Franco - director, Daniel and Ana, press 19 Nov Christina Jimenez - director, Ilusiones Opticas, press 21 Nov Gustavo Montiel - director, Tide of Sand, press TBA Javier Rebollo - director, Woman without Piano, press TBA Work-in-progress Per Fly - director, Kvinnan som drömde om en man, press 26 Nov Ib Tardini - producer, Kvinnan som drömde om en man, press 26 Nov Babak Najafi - director, Utan titel, press 26 Nov Mimmi Spång - producer, Utan titel, press 26 Nov Rebecka Lafrenz - producer, Utan titel, press 26 Nov Andreas Öhman - director, I rymden finns inga känslor, press 26 Nov Bonnie Skoog-Feeney - producer, I rymden finns inga känslor, press 26 Nov Jonathan Sjöberg- screen writer, I rymden finns inga känslor, press 26 Nov Daniel Espinosa - director, Snabba cash, press 26 Nov Fredrik Wikström - producer, Snabba cash, press 26 Nov Martin Jern - director, Odjuret, press 27 Nov Emil Larsson - director, Odjuret, press 27 Nov Mattias Sandström - director, Fuerteventura, press 27 Nov Ivica Zubak - director, Fuerteventura, press 27 Nov Kristian Petri - director, Ond tro, press 27 Nov Johannes Åhlund - producer, Ond tro, press 27 Nov Görel Crona - director, Dolores tystnad, press 27 Nov Klara Björk- producent, Dolores tystnad, press 27 Nov Daniel Prah - producent, Dolores tystnad, press 27 Nov 1 km film Amanda Kernell - director, Att dela allt, press 19 Nov Eva-Marie Elg - director, Att sova och drömma om mat, press 19 Nov Jöns Mellgren - director, Den mörka ön, press 19 Nov Viktor Danell- director, Du ritar fult, press 19 Nov Petter Ringbom - director, May Fly, press 19 Nov Susanna Wallin - director, Märkare, press 19 Nov Klara Levin - director, Svea och jag, press 19 Nov Sanna Lenken - director, Travemünde Trelleborg, press 19 Nov Gustav Deinoff - director, Vad händer mannen?, press 19 Nov Max Tellving - director, Yoghurt, press 19 Nov PROGRAM 2009 Stockholm XX Competition AMREEKA by Cherien Dabis (USA) BURIED SECRETS by Raja Amari (Tunisia/Switzerland/France) DOGTOOTH by Yorgos Lanthimos (Greece) EYES WIDE OPEN by Haim Tabakman (Israel/Germany/France) FISH TANK by Andrea Arnold (UK) FRONTIER BLUES by Babak Jalali (Iran/UK/Italy) GORDOS by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo (Spain) I KILLED MY MOTHER by Xavier Dolan (Canada) METROPIA by Tarik Saleh (Sweden/Denmark/Norway/Finland) MISS KICKI by Håkon Liu (Sweden) MR. NOBODY by Jaco Van Dormael (Canada/Belgium/France/Germany) NOTHING PERSONAL by Urszula Antoniak (Ireland/Netherlands) ORDINARY PEOPLE by Vladimir Perisic (France/Switzerland/Serbia/Netherlands) PRECIOUS by Lee Daniels (USA) SHIFTY by Eran Creevy (UK) SIN NOMBRE by Cary Joji Fukunaga (USA/Mexico) TOGETHER by Matias Armand Jordal (Norway) THE UNLOVED by Samantha Morton (UK) UP IN THE AIR by Jason Reitman (USA) WHIP IT by Drew Barrymore (USA) Stockholm XX Short Film Competition AFTER TOMORROW by Emma Sullivan (UK) ARENA by João Salaviza (Portugal) BÁBA by Zuzana Kirchnerova-Spidlova (Czech Republic) DANSE MACABRE by Pedro Pires (Canada) DIAGNOSIS by Myroslav Slaboshpytski (Ukraine) DUST KID by Jung Yumi (South Korea) JADE by Daniel Elliott (UK) L'AMBOUBA by Nadia Raïs (Tunisia) LOGORAMA by François Alaux, Hervé de Crécy, Ludovic Houplain (France) MEI LING by Stephanie lansaque, Francois Leroy (France) MIRACLE FISH by Luke Doolan (Australia) MISSING by Jochem De Vries (Netherlands) MOROSETA by Karolina Pajak (Poland) RED WATER RED by Qing Xie (Australia) SILENCE by Laila Pakalnina (Latvia) STILL BIRDS by Sara Eliassen (Norway) THE SIX DOLLAR FIFTY MAN by Mark Albiston, Louis Sutherland (New Zealand) TULUM by Dalibor Matanic (Croatia) UNDERWEAR by Tomer Gendler (USA) Not in competition BECAUSE THE NIGHT by Alexandra Dahlström (Sweden) LA BOHÈME by Werner Herzog (UK) Open Zone AN EDUCATION by Lone Scherfig (UK) THE BUNNY AND THE BULL by Paul King (UK) COCO CHANEL & IGOR STRAVINSKY by Jan Kounen (France) THE COUNTESS by Julie Delpy (Germany/France) FANTASTIC MR. FOX by Wes Anderson (USA) FIVE MINUTES OF HEAVEN by Oliver Hirschbiegel (UK/Ireland) FOXES by Mira Fornay (Ireland/Czech Republic) HELIOPOLIS by Ahmad Abdalla (Egypt) HIPSTERS by Valery Todorovsky (Russia) THE LAST DAY OF EMMA BLANK by Alex van Warmerdam (Netherlands) LE DONK & SCOR-ZAY-ZEE by Shane Meadows (UK) LONDON RIVER by Rachid Bouchareb (UK/France/Algeria) NOTHING PERSONAL (RIEN DE PERSONNEL) by Mathias Gokalp (France) PAPER PLANES by Simon Szabo (Hungary) POLYTECHNIQUE by Denis Villeneuve (Canada) RED RIDING TRILOGY by Anand Tucker, Julian Jarrold, James Marsh (UK) REYKJAVÍK-ROTTERDAM by Óskar Jónasson (Iceland) THE TIME THAT REMAINS by Elia Suleiman (France/Belgium/Italy/UK) TETRO by Francis Ford Coppola (USA/Italy/Spain/Argentina) TSAR by Pavel Lungin (Russia) VINCERE by Marco Bellocchio (Italy/France) American Independents BEESWAX by Andrew Bujalski (USA) CITY ISLAND by Raymond De Felitta (USA) EXTRACT by Mike Judge (USA) THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE by Steven Soderbergh (USA) GODSPEED by Robert Saitzyk (USA) GO GET SOME ROSEMARY by Joshua Safdie, Benny Safdie (USA) HUMPDAY by Lynn Shelton (USA) LIMITS OF CONTROL by Jim Jarmusch (USA/Spain/Japan) THE MISSING PERSON by Noah Buschel (USA) SHRINK - FALLET DR. CARTER by Jonas Pate (USA) TRASH HUMPERS by Harmony Korine (USA/UK) THE VICIOUS KIND by Lee Toland Krieger (USA) WONDERFUL WORLD by Joshua Goldin (USA) WORLD'S GREATEST DAD by Bobcat Goldthwait (USA) Asian Images ADRIFT by Chuyên Bui Thac (Vietnam) AIR DOLL by Hirokazu Koreeda (Japan) ANIMAL TOWN by Kyuhwan Jeon (South Korea) A PIECE OF OUR LIFE by Momoko Ando (Japan) A PLACE OF ONE'S OWN by Lou Yi-an (Taiwan) AT THE END OF DAYBREAK by Ho Yuhang (Malaysia) BAKAL BOYS by Ralston Jover (Philippines) BLACK DOGS BARKING by Mehmet Bahadir Er, Maryna Gorbach (Turkey) CLAUSTROPHOBIA by Ivy Ho (Hong Kong) GREEN DAYS by Hana Makhmalbaf (Iran) HEIRAN by Shalizeh Arefpour (Iran) LOCKED OUT by Yasunobu Takahashi (Japan) LOVE AAJ KAL by Imtiaz Ali (India) MAP OF THE SOUNDS OF TOKYO by Isabel Coixet (Spain/Japan) MOTHER by Bong Joon-Ho (South Korea) MY ONLY SUNSHINE by Reha Erdem (Turkey) NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT PERSIAN CATS by Bahman Ghobadi (Iran) SAWASDEE BANGKOK by Wisit Sasanatieng, Aditya Assarat, Kongdej Jaturanrasamee, Pen-ek Ratanaruang (Thailand) SEARCHING FOR THE ELEPHANT by SK Jhung (South Korea) Latin Visions 25 CARAT by Patxi Amézcua (Spain) 77 DORONSHIP by Pablo Agüero (France/Argentina) ALTIPLANO by Peter Brosens, Jessica Woodworth (Belgium/Germany/Netherlands) BAD DAY TO GO FISHING by Álvaro Brechner (Spain/Uruguay) DANIEL AND ANA by Michel Franco (Mexico) EYE OF THE STORM by Eduardo Valente (Brazil/Portugal) GARAPA by José Padilha (Brazil) ILUSIONES OPTICAS by Christian Jimenez (Chile) JUST WALKING by Agustin Diaz Yanes (Spain/Mexico) THE MAID by Sebastián Silva (Chile/Mexico) TIDE OF SAND by Gustavo Montiel Pagés (Mexico/Argentina) THE WIND JOURNEYS by Ciro Guerra (Colombia/Germany/Argentina/Netherlands) WOMAN WITHOUT PIANO by Javier Rebollo (Spain) Spotlight: Apocalypse 9 by Shane Acker (USA) THE COVE by Louie Psihoyos (USA) EARTH DAYS by Robert Stone (USA) HAEUNDAE by Je-gyun Yun (South Korea) HAPPY END by Arnaud Larrieu och Jean-Marie Larrieu (France) THE ROAD by John Hillcoat (USA) WAITING ROOM by Bruno Carboni, Davi Pretto (Brazil) Anniversary screening RAISE THE RED LANTERN by Zhang Yimou (China/Hong Kong/Taiwan) THE MAN WHO WASN'T THERE by Joel Coen (USA) MORVERN CALLAR by Lynne Ramsay (UK) THE SCIENCE OF SLEEP by Michel Gondry (France) Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW by Jim Sharman (UK/USA) Stockholm Visionary Achievement Award ARTHUR AND THE REVENGE OF MALTAZARD by Luc Besson (France) Twilight Zone BITCH SLAP by Rick Jacobson (USA) BLACK DYNAMITE by Scott Sanders (USA) DETOUR by Severin Eskeland (Norway) HIERRO by Gabe Ibáñez (Spain) THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE (FIRST SEQUENCE) by Tom Six (Netherlands) LESLIE, MY NAME IS EVIL by Reginald Harkema (Canada) THE LIFE AND DEATH OF A PORNO GANG by Mladen Djordjevic (Serbia) MUST LOVE DEATH by Andreas Schaap (Germany) ONG BAK 2 by Tony Jaa, Panna Rittikrai (Thailand) PHOBIA 2 by Paween Purijitpanya, Visute Poolvoralaks, Songyos Sugmakanan, Parkpoom Wongpoom and Banjong Pisanthanakun (Thailand) THE REVENANT by Kerry Prior (USA) THIRST by Park-Chan wook (South Korea) WHITE LIGHTNIN' by Dominic Murphy (UK) YOGA by Yun Jae-yeon (South Korea) Documania BASSIDJI by Mehran Tamadon (Iran) BIG RIVER MAN by John Maringouin (USA/UK) THE CARTER by Adam Bhala Lough (USA) GREAT DIRECTORS by Angela Ismailos (USA) HARLAN: IN THE SHADOW OF THE JEW SUSS by Felix Moeller (Germany) HEMLIGHETEN by Pontus Hjortén, Martin Jönsson (Sweden) HUGO EN AFRIQUE by Stefano Knuchel (Switzerland) KIMJONGILIA by NC Heikin (France/USA/South Korea) MUSASHI: THE DREAM OF THE LAST SAMURAI by Mizuho Nishikubo (Japan) NOLLYWOOD BABYLON by Ben Addelman, Samir Mallal (Canada) OIL CITY CONFIDENTIAL by Julien Temple (UK) OLD PARTNER by Chung-ryoul Lee (South Korea) OUTRAGE by Kirby Dick (USA) P-STAR RISING by Gabriel Noble (USA) ROCKSTEADY: THE ROOTS OF REGGAE by Stascha Bader (Switzerland/Canada) SERGIO by Greg Barker (USA) SOUL POWER by Jeffrey Levy-Hinte (USA) SOUNDTRACK FOR A REVOLUTION by Bill Guttentag, Dan Sturman (USA) TO SHOOT AN ELEPHANT by Alberto Arce, Mohammad Rujailah (Spain) WINNEBAGO MAN by Ben Steinbauer (USA) ifestival 26.4 by Nathalie André (Belgium) ONE MAN BAND by Martin Rosete, Luis Perez (Spain) BEGUINE by Douwe Dijkstra (Netherlands) CLOWN'S LAMENT by Gabriel Dowrick (Australia) LEBENSADER by Angela Steffen (Germany) MIMESIS by Camille Meynard (Belgium) OSIKI by Yiannis Veslemes (Greece) PIM, PAM, PUM by Asier Urbieta (Spain) TRANSGRESS by Leanne Welham (UK) YOU WERE NOT ALONE by Kim Min Jeong (South Korea) Special screening AVSKED by Yôjirô Takita (Japan) GIGANTE by Adrián Biniez (Uruguay) Work-in-progress SVINALÄNGORNA by Pernilla August (Sweden) PANG PANG BRÖDER by Axel Danielson (Sweden) KVINNAN SOM DRÖMDE OM EN MAN by Per Fly (Sweden) UTAN TITEL by Babak Najafi (Sweden) I RYMDEN FINNS INGA KÄNSLOR by Andreas Öhman (Sweden) SNABBA CASH by Daniel Espinosa (Sweden) ODJURET by Martin Jern, Emil Larsson (Sweden) ÄNGLAVAKT by Johan Brisinger (Sweden) FUERTEVENTURA by Mattias Sandström (Sweden) OND TRO by Kristian Petri (Sweden) SPINDELGÅNGEN by Svarta Svanen (Sweden) DOLORES TYSTNAD by Görel Crona (Sweden) 1 km film ATT DELA ALLT by Amanda Kernell (Sweden) ATT SOVA OCH DRÖMMA OM MAT by Eva-Marie Elg (Sweden) DEN MÖRKA ÖN by Jöns Mellgren (Sweden) DU RITAR FULT by Viktor Danell (Sweden) MAY FLY by Petter Ringbom (Sweden) MÄRKARE by Susanna Wallin (Sweden) SVEA OCH JAG by Klara Levin (Sweden) TRAVEMÜNDE TRELLEBORG by Sanna Lenken (Sweden) VAD HÄNDER MANNEN? by Gustav Deinoff (Sweden) YOGHURT by Max Tellving (Sweden) Press contacts/press agents in Sweden Atlantic Film (The Countess) Contact: Rasmus Sandsten Mail: Phone: +46 (0) 8 410 29 854 20th Century Fox (Fantastic Mr. Fox) Contact: Linnea Wiklund Mail: Phone: +46 (0) 8 566 26 122 Cinema Sweden AB (Miss Kicki) Contact: Ylva Swedenborg Mail: Phone: +46 (0) 708 983 848 Noble Entertainment (Precious: Based on the novel by Sapphire, Shrink, Red Riding Trilogy: 1974, Red Riding Trilogy: 1980, Red Riding Trilogy: 1983) Contact: Martin Wegeland Mail: Phone: +46 (0) 8 518 01 201, + 46 (0) 733-311 774. Växel: + (0) 8 450 48 90 Nonstop Entertainment (Fish Tank, Le Donk & Scor-Zay-Zee, London River, Morvern Callar, The Cove, Thirst) Contact: Ebba Bjelkholm Mail: Phone: +46 (0) 8 673 99 43, +46 (0) 707 549 943 Sandrew Metronome (9, Metropia, Sin Nombre) Contact: Malin Edblom Mail: Phone: +46 (0) 8 762 1754 United International Pictures (UIP) (Up In The Air) Pressmaterial och bilder finns på UIP:s pressida: Contact: Louise Bodin Mail: Phone: +46 (0) 8 556 06 579 Svensk Filmindustri (Black Dynamite) Contact: Helena Stenberg Mail: Phone: + (0) 8 680 35 32 Pan Vision (Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky, Hierro, Mr. Nobody) Contact: Karin Larsdotter Mail: Phone: +46 (0) 70 564 02 09 Scanbox (Sweden) (The Man Who Wasn´t There, The Road, Five minutes of Heaven, Bitch Slap, Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard) Contakt: Kristina Pesznecker Mail: Phone: +46 (0)8 545 787 80, +46 (0) 701-857 609 Novemberfilm (Gigante) Contakt: Martin Sörnäs Mail: Phone: +46 (0) 40 630 99 30 Nordisk Film (Extract, Limits Of Control, The Greatest, An Education, Whip It) Contakt: Annmari Bergmark Mail: Phone: + 46 (0) 8587 822 85 Press Contact Stockholm International Film Festival Emelie Klein, Press Manager Phone: +46 (0) 8 677 5054, +46 (0) 73 209 8474 Mail: Ronny Mattsson, Press Secretary Phone: +46 (0) 8 677 5062, +46 (0) 76 900 0766 Mail: 20th Stockholm International Film Festival November 18-29 2009 The Stockholm International Film Festival started in 1990 and is today one of the leading competitive film festival in Europe. The festival takes place every year in November with more than 170 films from more then 40 countries. More than a festival: we organize exclusive screenings and the popular Summer Cinema - an outdoor mini-festival. Every year in April the Stockholm International Film Festival Junior brings the latest films to youngsters between 6 and 16 years of age. WE LOVE FILM!


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The Stockholm International Film Festival started in 1990 and is today one of the leading competitive film festival in Northern Europe. The festival takes place every year in November with more than 170 films from more then 40 countries. The festival organizes exclusive screenings and the popular Summer Cinema - an outdoor mini-festival. In April the Stockholm International Film Festival Junior brings the latest films to youngsters between 6 and 16 years of age.


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