Changes in Most Traded and ATTRACT40(TM)

Changes in Most Traded and ATTRACT40(TM) Stockholmsbörsen's segments for the most heavily traded shares will be updated as of January 1, 2004. Two new companies will be added to the Most Traded segment of the A List, while one will be removed. Attract40 will have 16 new companies and 13 will be removed from the segment. Ahead of each calendar half year, a revision of the Most Traded and Attract40 segments is conducted on the basis of trading statistics. This ensures that the Attract40 and Most Traded segments reflect the companies that have been of greatest interest to investors during the immediately preceding half-year and year. The companies that are removed from the segments will be traded instead in the "Other shares" segments of the A and O Lists. During the first half of 2004, the Most Traded segment will comprise 28 companies. Attract40 will have 46 companies, including 16 newcomers. Changes in the Most Traded and Attract40 segments as of January 1, 2004: New companies in Most Traded segment: Getinge AB, Trelleborg AB Company removed from Most Traded segment: AB Industrivärden New companies in Attract40: Active Biotech AB, Ballingslöv International AB, Bilia AB, Boliden AB, Boss Media AB, Capona AB, Enea Data AB, HiQ International AB, IBS AB, Intentia International AB, Klövern AB, LGP Allgon Holding AB, Nolato AB, Orc Software AB, SwitchCore AB and Inv Ltd Vostok Nafta. Companies removed from Attract40: Castellum AB, Cloetta Fazer AB, Intrum Justitia AB, Invik & Co AB, Karlshamns AB, Karo Bio AB, Kungsleden AB, NCC AB, New Wave Group AB, Proffice AB, SECTRA AB, SkiStar AB, Fastighets AB Tornet and Lennart Wallenstam Byggnads AB. During the second half of 2003, two companies have been excluded from the segment: Perbio Science AB, due to its acquisition, and Intrum Justitia AB, due to its transfer to the O List's segment for companies under observation. For further information, please contact Frank Teneberg, Head of Issuer Sales, Stockholmsbörsen +46-70-559 52 75 Maria Andark, Vice President Corporate Communications, Stockholmsbörsen +46-70-597 52 76 Information about all of the companies in, and the qualifying rules for, each of the segments is available on ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: Appendix 1 Appendix 2