Stora Enso upgrades bleaching and efflue

STORA ENSO OYJ  Stock Exchange Release 24 March 2003 at 14.00

Stora Enso upgrades bleaching and effluent treatment at 
Veitsiluoto Mills

Stora Enso will build a peroxide bleaching plant at its 
Veitsiluoto Mills to enhance the quality of magazine paper 
products. The biological effluent treatment plant will also be 
enlarged to meet future wastewater treatment requirements. The 
project will start in April 2003 and is scheduled to be 
completed in May 2004. Capital expenditure on the project will 
amount to EUR 30 million.

Peroxide bleaching will improve the quality, especially the 
brightness, of coated mechanical grades to meet customer 
requirements, and will facilitate development of new top-quality 
paper grades for the magazine paper market. 

The Veitsiluoto Mills' biological effluent treatment plant was 
built in 1988. The new peroxide bleaching system and the 
wastewater from the fine paper machines would increase the BOD7 
(Biological Oxygen Demand) and COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) load 
if the plant were not modernised. The modernised wastewater 
treatment plant will use the best available technology and meet 
future environmental demands as well. 

For further information, please contact:
Rainer Järvelä, Vice President, Stora Enso Magazine Paper, 
Veitsiluoto Mill, tel. +358 2046 34519
Jarkko Tehomaa, General Manager, Veitsiluoto Mills, 
tel. +358 2046 34301
Kari Vainio, Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications, 
tel. +44 77 9934 8197

Veitsiluoto Mills in Kemi, Finland are an integrated production 
facility manufacturing office papers, coated mechanical papers 
and sawn products. Its annual production capacity is 865 000 
tonnes of paper and 290 000 cubic metres of sawn products. It is 
the fourth-biggest among paper and paperboard mills in Europe 
and has 1 500 employees.


p.p.	Jussi Siitonen		Jukka Marttila