Environmental communications distinction for STORA

Environmental communications distinction for STORA STORA received an honorable mention in the Environmental Communications class when Sweden's "Best Industrial Environmental Work in 1997" awards were presented to the winning companies by HM King Carl Gustaf in Stockholm on Friday, March 27. The awards are jointly organized by the Federation of Swedish Industries, the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, the National Environmental Protection Agency and the Swedish Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) Council. The Group's Environmental Manager, Per G. Broman, accepted the award on behalf of STORA. In its statement of motives, the jury noted that STORA had been selected for the following reasons: "For its well-balanced communications work based on different forms of uniform reporting at both Group and plant level across STORA's entire range of operations, with special material relating to the role of forestry within the forest industries sector, including a `Green Balance Sheet'." Yngve Stade, Senior Vice President and President of Stora Corporate Research, comments: "The honorable mention is recognition of the highly developed and ambitious communications work conducted within STORA, with many participants in the Group's mills, within Stora Forest and within Stora Corporate Research." In total, prizes were awarded in seven classes. The Environmental Communications class focuses on companies which, through open and credible communications, inform the various interest groups about the environmental work performed thereby contributing a constructive dialogue about industrial environmental work in the general environment debate. The winner in the Environmental Communications class was Volvo. For further information, please contact STORA's Environmental Manager, Per G. Broman, telephone +46 (0)23-78 82 05.


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