Inauguration of new paper machine celebrated in Canada

Today, May 29, 1998, the new supercalendered paper machine (PM 2) at Stora Port Hawkesbury Ltd., Nova Scotia, Canada, will be inaugurated in the presence of more than 500 guests from around the world, including STORA's Group Management, representatives from the STORA Board of Directors, Government officials and customers. The new paper machine, which was started up on schedule in April 1998, has an annual capacity of 350,000 tonnes. It is the widest and fastest supercalendered (SC) paper machine in the world and produces paper grades for the magazine, catalogue, insert and flyer market to customers in North America. Designed and built in record time by a team of a dozen global contractors, the PM 2 project also includes a 270,000 tonne a year Thermomechanical Pulp (TMP) plant with the world's largest single-stage refiners. Facts about PM 2: Thermomechanical Pulp Plant - 230,000 tonnes annual (TMP) capacity Valmet Paper Machine (SC - 350,000 tonnes annual paper) capacity - 146 meter machine length - 9.46 meters wire width - 1800 m/min. design speed Voith-Sulzer Calenders (2 - 1500 m/min. maximum speed JANUS ) Jagenberg Winders (2 VARI- - 2500 m/min. maximum speed TOP ) Saimatec Roll Wrapping - 2553 rolls pr 24 hrs. (27 sec. cycle) PM 2 Building (Strescos) - 120 m. x 312 m. (31,000 sq.m.) - all-concrete structure For additional information, please contact: - Mats Agurén, Senior Vice President Communications, STORA, tel: +46-(0)8 613 66 00