New management structure at STORA

New management structure at STORA A new management structure is being introduced in stages within STORA. The Management Group replaces what was formerly known as Group Management and consists of the following members: Björn Hägglund, President and Chief Executive Officer Ingvar Petersson, First Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Per Knuts, Executive Vice President, Operations Yngve Stade, President of Stora Corporate Research and Senior Vice President, Technology and R&D of STORA Lars Bengtsson, President of the Stora Fine Paper Division Torbjörn Pettersson, President of the Stora Paperboard Division Horst Thaler, President of the Stora Publication Paper Division Bert Östlund, President of the Stora Cell Division "The process of change that we have now initiated to increase STORA's value requires an effective management structure. A structure which promotes close and frequent contacts to be made and an active dialog to be established at all levels within the Group, particularly across divisional and staff boundaries. The changes we have now made to the corporate management structure are designed to further facilitate our focus on achieving productivity increases and value growth," underlines Björn Hägglund. For additional information, please contact: - Mats Agurén, Senior Vice President, Communications, tel.: +46-(0)8 613 66 00